Wishin’ and hopin’

Obviously, for those who’ve seen me already, I’m not a weight-conscious person. I am comfortable with who I am. I am confident that people won’t look at me physically, but would rather accept me for who I really am. Of course there are some people who will be different than the rest and I can’t help that anymore. I know for a fact that I can’t please everybody.

BUT there are times when I wish I am someone else. When insecurities would surface and make me want to be different from who I am.

He’s here right now. I just talked to him last night. APS… Hay… baket ngaun pa?? Hindi na lang sa 2008?? And I’ll see him this weekend. He wants to see me tomorrow night but I said sa weekend na lang. 🙁


Before I started with BlogtoProfit (BTOP), I was wary of online money-making programs because I was thinking that it might be a scam or something. Until I was told by the Devilicious Queen that some are legitimate and she’s already making money out of it. She referred me to BTOP and has since applied, got approved and enjoyed (and made money from) all the programs I am enrolled with.

A couple of days ago, I got an offer to do freelance work for another writer. It’s mostly article rewriting. I didn’t take the offer because I realized that I don’t have time for it anymore. I’m normally wasted (read: cranky and irritable) in the morning mainly because I am a night person and I stay up late (til around 2am) every night. Taking the offer would mean I probably need to stay awake until 3 or 4am to finish the work. I can’t afford that. I need to be at the office around 10am.

It’s not a lot of money actually but then it’s a start and it might translate to a long-term business relationship with the writer.

So now I am wishing that I have more time to blog and less time for accounting hehe


You might be thinking that I haven’t visited your blogs for a long time now and yes, it’s true. I was busy with my other blog, making money and all. I was also moody the past couple of days and I normally don’t comment on posts when I don’t feel like it. I gather it would be much better to stay put and not bloghop until my sanity comes back.

And a couple of hours from now it’ll come back 🙂

Happy Monday everyone! Payday weekend this coming Sat and Sun, yipee!!!


  • lei

    i wish i am making money online na din :p

  • I’m so lazy tlga to do that blogtoprofit thingie but, you know, i think i might na this time. hehehe.

    Hey, thanks for putting up the banner.

    Kisses to you!

  • hope di ka na cranky and moody ngayon. hehe. anyway.. when we are stressed out dyan talaga nagiging moody mostly… sometimes ganyan din ako eh.. pero im trying hard not to be.. kahit stressed. im also a bit busy…. have a great day!!

  • Avy

    thanks sa pagbisita ate sasha 🙂

    sus pag nagkaron na ako ng sarili kong pc, i’ll make this online profiting work talaga for me. hehe 😀

    i’m in the process of calming myself when caught in those situations 😛

    Skema is a gay lingo widely used nowadays. Pero, that’s what i call the person who inspires me as of the moment. skema ko sya. 😛

  • pass na ba sa moody time mo Shash? hehehe. wow u still have plenty of sleep kahit matulog ka ng 2 kasi 10 ang pasok mo. if i sleep at 2 i’ll have 3 hrs of sleep. pasok ko kasi 6:30am. 🙁 .

  • MeL

    Hmmm.. hug kita Ate Sashing ha. 🙂

  • Kyels

    You cannot please everyone Ate Sasha. I learned that the hard way. Sometimes we complain about ourselves but I realized some thing; that we ought to be happy with what God has given us.


  • err, did i despise you for being… 🙂 wala, di ba? I encouraged u to continue attending to your sessions but u stopped 😀 hey, hey, LoL! Ate , may soccer filed kami rito, pasyal kayo rito again ha.

  • Tin

    That’s ok ate sash. 🙂 wow, you’ve been really busy these past few days. I think you should unwind for a while. Hehe.

  • Yay! I’m back! Happy weekend 😀

    I’ll just subscribe to your blog so I get updated 🙂

  • Now I know..

    Well, ako rin. Most of the time yung mga insecurities ko lumalabas pa rin especially dun sa face ko. Kahit na anong pagpuri ko sa king mga positive features, may time talaga na i wish na parang “Sana hindi ako blah blah chuva chuva” pero ganyan talaga.. Thanks to BTP parang marami ako natutunan about Plastic Surgery wehehe

    oh well, tama na ang pag-emo hehe 🙂 i like the new look of the site. mas malinis and hindi naghahang ang aking computer kapag vinivisit kita lol

    take care ate sasha! i love you plenty! 😀

  • pag subdomain ka ng wordpress… bawal pala ang PPP. nasa TOS nila.. di ko kasi maintindihan. Hehe. di naman naka specify bawal ang PPP mga redirect schema.. ang nandun.. kaya yun. na suspend ako sa wordpress. nabalik ko ang espressobreak.. pero ang angelblush di pa. hehe

  • pero sa iyo po.. kasi own domain mo.. ok lang… hehe. dun lang sa under wordpress. 😛

  • guess we can’t please everybody all the time, and at the same time. 😉
    bagong look na naman, ha! nice … 🙂
    ako tamad talaga mag-ayos ng blog, pero kelangan, eh… tapos nasira pa computer ko, kaya gamit ko ngayon yung kay hubby. medyo boring ‘tong computer nya … walang ym/photoshop/picasa. 🙁
    ingat palagi, sis! 🙂
    enjoy the week!

  • hi sis! moody ka din pala lately… ako hanggang ngayon oo parin… oh.. buti ka pa may mga nagooffer ng freelance. i’ve been trying to look for stuffs similar to it. yung tipong work at home. pero yung dito satin talaga. im planning to quit my job kasi to focus on our family business. haven’t mentioned it yet sa blog ko. with that i need sideline dahil family business means parents business so i don’t really get my own salary (regular?) really. sigh…

    eway… pag mababa talaga mood lahat halos napapansin, and we tend to look at our physical built. you’re complaining of something else, and so do i… but then again, don’t we all? hehehhe…

  • ano ano ano??? anong meron sa 2008? ask and you shall receive, baka ngayon na pinare-receive, receive mo na. ano yaaan?

    ang dami mo nang raket, baka di ka na namin maabot.

  • Ano ba ang meron sa 2008 manay? Wow, si lalaki ang tinutukoy mo ah, kwento naman ng marami jan.

    Good luck nalang sa money making online mo Sasha, magandang idea talaga yan, kahit konte at least may kita. Gustuhin ko man pero ala akong maraming time sa PPP.

  • Just be happy with yourself dear… why think of pleasing others always? Pasensiya sila! haha!

  • I can honestly say appearances don’t matter to me. As long as a person is tidy and presentable, no problem. I look for the unseen qualities of a person.

    about pro-blogging naman, I find it nice that blogging can be profitable pero thats not for me. I already have too much to do and besides I’m a lousy salesperson,hahahha!!

    good-luck on your blogs!

  • I’m really happy with BlogtoProfit also. It gave me my first 1700php moolah from blogging and is still giving me moolah. I’m picking up my 750 from BTP next week. As I also say..it might not be that much but it is still something! 😀 I’m saving up for a gadget I want to buy…hehe 🙂

  • hello ate sasha!! 😀 nakabalik na ako! hehehe! anyway, napalitan ko na po yung link mo sa site ko. waw sariling domain ka na 🙂 sana ako rin kumikita ng pera online… 🙁 ingats po!

  • vk

    Hello sasha,

    True friends are not looking for what you looks like or for what you have……Kung hindi friend tayo kasi vibes tayo, feel comfortable, we trust each other and we care each other….

    Kung physically or feel not confident, better quit na lang…Kung hindi magka vibes, hindi ba?

    kasi that is not a good friend kung tingnan kung ano ka or ako…..

    Nice your online sideline….dami mo ng pera dyan….lol

    Accountant talaga……….

    sigi, thanks for sharing your very interesting post here.

    Regards n tc there…..

    Ay hay bukas, Monday naman…..malayo pa ang weekend…..heheheh

  • wish i could earn so myself. hahaha. :] like your blog! ^___^ thanks for sharing it! there comes a point talaga that sometimes we don’t feel like posting. minsan ganyan ako. ehem. heheh.