Saturday of fun

All of my life it seemed that something has been missing. I didn’t know what to do…
You opened the door, and let the sunshine in. My life will never be the same again…

You can’t stop smiling for the simple reason that you keep hearing this song play in your head over and over again. You look everywhere and only one face registers in your mind. And then that song again…

Now that I have you by The Company

You feel as if everything’s going to be alright. Everything will get better. You need not choose to be happy. Because you are happy. There is this giddy feeling inside you that has a life of its own. And you can’t suppress it. And you don’t want to.

This isn’t love. But a giddy feeling with a music humming and a life of its own.

I’m livin’ in a brighter world now that I have you.


Last Saturday night was one of the best nights of my life in a long while. I spent the latter part of the afternoon until the next day with my high school friends. It was so much fun! Oo, pakner, nagkita na nga kami ni Tonyo. Hehehe

We were laughing the whole time. Teriyaki Boy in Tomas Morato was witness to a lot of our get-togethers. Everytime we think of seeing each other, we automatically think of Teriyaki Boy, not because we love their food (well I love the sushi, maki and katsudon there), but mainly because it was there that we spent our first get-together. May sentimental value kumbaga 🙂

Anthony, my one true love (hahaha joke lang na totoo), went home after 11 years in Canada. So he’s the reason we had a get-together. He contacted me and told me he wanted to see everyone. Always the organizer of get-togethers, I contacted everyone and arranged for us to meet nga. I was the early bird, as usual. Nainis nga ako. I told them that next time, I will make a grand entrance na. Hahaha. Nah, it’s a habit already, being on time. I always have this thinking na I’ll be missing something when I don’t arrive on time. Hahaha. And boy, would I miss a lot kung nahuli ako! 😉

Basta it was so much fun! I even forgot PPP and blogging for a whole day.  😉

Happy Monday everyone and may all of us have a wonderful, blessed week ahead!

Let’s all choose to be happy today 🙂


  • good to know you had a wonderful time! iba talaga pag nagkikita-kita yung barkada, no? fan din kami ng Teriyaki Boy … mahal nga lang, kaya mga once a week lang kami nakakapunta. Yung pinupuntahan namin sa T. Morato yung Tempura. hay naku, nakakagutom! 😀

    Happy Monday, and enjoy the week ahead, too! 🙂

  • Kyels

    Have a blessed week ahead too Ate Sash!

    By the way, I do agree that Teriyaki Boy’s sushi(s) are nice. I went there once; the once at Eastwood.


  • wow sounds fun ate.. i cant wait to see the pictures. buti na maaga.. ayoko nga may mag antay sa akin… kaya i try hard na hindi magpahuli. hehehe

    ang busssyyyy koooo.. haha. grabe i cant even make a decent post or whatsoeverrr…. hehe. im still here. hehe

  • Sounds good you had fun! Naks, paborito mo pala ang sushi. Hwag mong orderin yan pag kakain tayo sa labas next year ha. 😀 🙂

    Oh Anthony, nagkita rin tayo after 11 years. Available pa ba, aplayan mo na Sasha.

  • Hanging out with old friends is always fun. I wish I can do that myself, but most of my old friends are scattered here and there–over there.

    Good for you, you had fun.

  • Mukhang ang happy-happy mo, mare ah. Para kanino ba yang kanta ng The Company? ahehehe.
    Well, we’re glad that your happy in and out!

  • wow sashing, habang binabasa ko post mo, nararamdaman ko na very happy ka talaga. good for you. namiss ko rin ang mga barkada ko dyan sa pinas. sarap magkita-kita and magkwentuhang walang humpay. 🙂

  • hi siztah…happy monday. Good to hear that you’re happy.
    Naku sis, miz u talaga. Ano na balita? email kita ngayon…mwah!

  • deicated ba yang kanta na yan para sa lovey dovey hahah…
    uso pala ang inlababo ngayon. di halatang nasa cloud 9 ka di nga lampas pa yata sa cloud 12 na hehehe

  • kala ko yung kanta now that i found you … i will never let you go hahah…

    bagay yan sa bridal entrance mo heheh… goodluck!

  • Hi Sasha! Glad you spent a wonderful time with friends. It’s a brand new week. Hope you’ll have a fabulous one ahead.

  • ann

    Sya ba yung boto sa yo ang nanay?

  • Wow! What a coincidence, same thing happened! One of my high school classmates came home from US (after 8 years) and requested for a get together. We had an out of town gimick last saturday til sunday. We had so much fun! 🙂

  • ang masasabi ko lang ay.. masarap nga ang sushi sa teriyaki boy….

    at isang malakas na tawa hahahahhahhahahahhahahhahahah si pakner at tonyo hahahhaa…

    oppss masarap din pala ung pasta sa yellow cab… sakit tiyan ko di naubos hahahhahaha

  • It is nice to hear that you have a fab time Ms. Sasha. Hope you have a wonderful week as well!

  • So this one here is your personal blogsite. Neat way of keeping personal stuff from business ha.

    Thanks for sharing your reunion with your highschool friends. Anthony pala ha. Did sparks fly? (tease, tease).

    On time freak ka pala ha. that’s good. Me .. I am always afraid of being too early. haha

  • I guess your romance novel will be even more kilig after this ;D