Feel wasted right now. I am tired and my eyes are all puffy from lack of sleep. Can one feel wasted and happy at the same time? Probably. I do.

I am enjoying the bed weather right now. Feels good to just lie down on bed all day and do nothing. I still lack sleep so I am doing that after this.

So sorry been too busy doing sponsored posts I haven’t updated for days. I need some moolah because September is a big month for the family. 3 siblings will celebrate their birthdays (3rd, 19th and 26th of the month) and my mom’s death anniversary on the 29th. For the siblings, we will just probably go to dinner except on the 26th because that would be the youngest birthday. Might invite his friends over plus maglalambing yun for sure. And he’s been making parinig about a cellphone for months now. I might succumb to his parinig. As for my mom’s death anniversary (she died September 29, 2005), we will go to Bulacan and spend the day visiting her grave.

Regarding my mom’s grave, my dad and I regretted that we haven’t had her remains cremated instead. It would have been much better if we have her ashes at home or at nearby Mt. Carmel Church. So we’re actually thinking of having her remains exhumed and then cremated. A lot of families have done that already, according to the cemetery caretaker. But we’re still talking about it.


The metro’s flooded again. Our place is not flooded though but all the surrounding streets are. Anyway, for all of you going out, take care and be safe.

Happy long weekend everyone! Monday’s a non working holiday so enjoy the weekend. Be safe!

Chase, thanks for plugging my akoni site. Guys, I still need traffic for that site. Please visit it if you have time. Thanks much!


  • MeL

    Hello Ate Sasha! Medyo ok na ang mata ko pero may part pa na pula, mukha tuloy akong adik. πŸ˜†

    Yay! Long weekend! Sarap itulog sa bahay no. Malamig ang kama at hindi pa malamok. Btw, Ate Sasha, ok na po ba yung ftp account ko? πŸ™‚

  • super busy with sponsored posts, huh? good for you! πŸ™‚
    new template again! di ba mahirap magpalit? yung mga codes mo dun sa previous template, do they stay?-or you need to rewrite them again?
    will add your akoni site to a viral link that i’m making. spreading linky love today! πŸ™‚

    enjoy the bed weather!
    and the long weekend!

  • ooopppsss … dito pala na site, not on Picture Clusters. hehehe.

  • ooopppsss … dito pala na site, not on Picture Clusters. hehehe.

  • ooopppsss … dito pala na site, not on Picture Clusters. hehehe.

  • ooopppsss … dito pala na site, not on Picture Clusters. hehehe.

  • ooopppsss … dito pala na site, not on Picture Clusters. hehehe.

  • Long weekend… not to us… huwaaaaa…
    Happy long weekend to you Mare (big hug… mwah!).

    Baha sa Manila… always! Nothings change… yeah right.

    Kainggit naman… I want to stay in bed all day, too!

  • First off, this new layout and design is superbly neat. though if i may suggest, you can make the post title color into something like darker. Though it changes into black while doing this comment, so that’s fine.

    Thanks for putting my site on your fav’s list πŸ™‚

  • Sash if you know Marykay buy the firming eye cream … ‘yan ang gamit ko pang avoid puffiness. i’ll be lucky to have 5 hrs of sleep. hehehe.

    ganyan tagala pag cold weather sarap ang tulog mo.

    alam mo one time this is silly i ask julie if i die kung anong gagawin nya…sabi pa niya she prefer cremate daw para daw kapiling nya ako araw2x. kung saan daw siya pupunta andyan daw ako sa tabi nya. ahhhhh… πŸ™‚

    anyway, have a wonderful long weekend.

  • Tin

    Sunod sunod ang announcement na walang pasok samin kaya masarap talaga matulog. Hehe.

  • relax lang she. long weekend.

    my in-laws are all choosing cremation too. given our weather, and the fact that it always rains on november 1 so we cant bring the kids, oo nga, it’s more practical. pero yung parents ko, sementeryo pa rin πŸ™‚

  • ate rest as much as you can! πŸ™‚ and its ok if you havent posted “first things first” dba? hehe.. ako din man di masyado nakaka pagupdate..

    anyway…. be blessed and have a great week ahead!!

  • Kyels

    I hope the flood at metro will subside soon. Well, it’s good to feel wasted sometimes, di ba?

    Rest well Ate Sash!


  • len

    wow! ang daming celebration sthis coming september hehe month ko rin ang september hihi ^-^ naku dami nilang magbbday so kelngan tlaga mkaipon hehe ^-^ pahinga ka muna ate sasha baka msobrahan na nyan sa stress ^-^ tc po plagi mwuah!

  • This reminded me that it will be my grandfather’s first death anniversary on the seventh of September. I really miss my grandfather.

    But then, I’m sure, my grandfather and your mother are now happy wherever they are.

    Oh, I also want to share to you this quote:

    “Death ends a life not a relationship.”
    -Morrie Schwartz

  • naku andaming magcecelebrate ng birthdays sa family nyo ngayong august ah.. magastos nga yan.. hehehe.. dapat todo ipon nga.. hehehe.. pero don’t over exert po yourself.. pag di mo na kaya ate sash, utang na loob matulog ka naman.. hehehe.. wag mong pabayaan ang sarili mo..

    naku same tayo.. pasaway hindi ako makalabas ng bagyo kasi kahit san mo ibaling ang tingin mo gatuhod ang baha.. pasaway na dapitan yan!!

  • the weather has been crazy but we expect sunshine on Monday.

  • rHo

    o sis, hinay-hinay ka lang ha!! tama lang yan pahiga-higa muna! hehehe!

    nga pala, kung baha dyan sa manila.. hindi na babaha sa tagboard ko dahil blocked na ang tagboard dito sa work ko!! waaaaaaaaahhhhh…..

  • inay

    o iha, kay Egay ka naman ngayon nakipaglambingan!!! aba’y marami tayong happenings di lang sa September kaya dapat mas maging masipag ka pa anak, lapit na Pasko heheheh! πŸ˜›

    o siya, di naman ako ganun kalufeeet dahil u know, i know, all work and no play …;)

    ssshhh, nakasilip ngayon dahil plastado mga kasama ko
    eh may natira pang energy (di nalo-low batt, lakas amats ‘lam mo yan bwahahahah) si ako πŸ˜›

    tomorrow is a new day, OT ka uli πŸ˜‰
    at ako’y maglalakwatsa pa hanggang
    katapusan! πŸ˜›

    TC! mwaaauhhh

  • halo sasha, musta na girl? hope ok lang lahat diyan…dito mainit sa Georgia at ako busy sa kaka blogging ‘heheheh’. TC

  • sarap mo naman sis, pahiga higa heheh….parang kailan lang magbibirthday na naman si bunsoy niyo…I can still remember your post sa xxx blogspot mo dati about it.
    Sis nasa ibang mundo na naman ako..haha I’ll just post about it *wink*

  • naalala ko nung nasa manila ako, grabeh yong baha ewwww… sa lugar kase namin sa mindanao kahit anong lakas ng ulan hindi bumabaha.

  • What a busy month for September Sash…yay daming kainan na naman. Picture nalang sakin ha.

    Off to your akoni site now….zooooom. πŸ˜€

  • hi sasha! i, together with another blogger friend will be meeting dom on saturday as we are not available on sunday. he was wondering if you could make it on saturday instead. if you cant then he will meet you on sun as you have previously agreed on.

    if you could contact me in my email or in my blog’s contact page please do so we can finalize the time and location with the other bloggers. thanks.

  • pam

    daming mag-bi-birthday ah! hehe! πŸ™‚ ako, naiinis pag malamig ang panahon. well, okey kasi may time kang humilata lang and all that stuff. ang panget lang, katamaran to the max. hehe. πŸ˜€

    take care ate!

  • hi ate! i’m back! hehehe.miss you na po πŸ™

  • i miss the bed weather in Phils. Last year pa umulan dito, ambon lang nga, yun na yung pinaka bed weather na naranasan ko dito.

  • anong wasted! heheh

    may tag ako sa iyo heheh

    happy weekend!