My weeks in review…

Been too sickly for the past 2 weeks. Probably brought about by the changing weather and lack of sleep. Anyway, now I am much better and have dropped coffee from my daily drinks. I have been drinking sterilized milk since yesterday and have stopped drinking even hot choco and iced tea.

Anyway, this morning, Rho told me that when she opened my site something happened to her pc. So I thought of doing a site “renovation” for the nth time and have hidden some abubot as well as the long blogroll (it’s still there just click on the buttons). I hope you find my site a bit more organized than before. And thanks sis for reminding me to “clean” this site. Been meaning to do it for sometime now…

Sis Becca, Vera, Thess, and Bluepanjeet… already met kuya Lawrence last Tuesday! Hahaha… I will dedicate a post about it when he sends the pictures over. It was so much fun! I still laugh whenever I remember our kalokohans hahahah… We went to kuya Vince‘s place and then met Wendy and Karen. Too bad I was not able to meet ironnie and jeprocks. Stay tuned for the whole story 🙂

Lastly, thank you to everyone who kept on visiting even though I hardly bloghop these days. I will be visiting daily next week, that’s a promise. And to be able to keep up with my whole blogroll, I am designating 2 days a week for bloghopping only.

Happy weekend everyone! God bless!


  • When I try to click on Kneeko’s site my pc freezes. So for many days now I have not visited him. Somehow, there must’ve been some virus ready to block me from entering his site. Why am I telling you this? I’m just thinking that maybe he has the same problem as what you have before, only worse.

    Now re:your blog, it looks fine, except the sidebar where your picture/profile has just disappeared. LOL

    Take care.

  • feel better soon! probably is caused by change of weather:)

  • ay may aabangan ako!

    nag overall at general cleaning ka pala dito. oo malinis na nga may pa press press pa hahah

    happy weekend and sleep well!

  • I left a comment earlier in the day, but it had somehow disappeared. Then while I was writing my comment the side bar (profile) disappeared as well. Your blog performs magic…LOL…a disappearing act.

    Anyway, hope you get some really good sleep.

  • Ah, great this time my comment made it.

  • MeL

    Mas malinis na nga ito kesa sa dati. 😀 Ate Sashing, di pa rin tayo nakakapag-meet nila Bry. 🙁 Btw, nasa MoA na pala banda nagwo-work si Bry.

  • Sasha, malamig na daw jan at madalas umuulan. Konteng ingat sa katawan.

    Btw, parang malinis ang bahay mo dito. Syanga pala, ok lang di ka na madalas makadalaw sa lungga ko, naintindihan ko. I am still here supporting your blog…1 visit a day, oks na ba yan kahit di na maka “hi” sa tagboard mo?

  • Tin

    Dami mo ng na-memeet na fellow bloggers ate ah! 🙂

    Sleep well. 🙂

  • I have also slackened in my blog hopping, what with a blog roll that grows and grows … It takes me two days to finish a round Tapos pag nagbagal na ang computer that happens so often …. ay, tough luck talaga.
    So, you be patient with me too.

  • hehe. I havent met Dom pa. Dapat I will meet with you and the rest but my situation actually prevented me from doing so. maybe next time I will meet all of yah haha. God Bless! and nice theme, i like the clean and organized change you had. 😉

  • Sasha, I hope you’re feeling well already! But I guess you are, ininggit mo na kami ni bluepanjeet about meeting kuya Dom eh, ha ha ha! We should hook up if ever my Manila plan pushes through next year, k? syempre I also wish to meet the others you’ve mentioned para mas masaya 🙂

    and me like your new theme, clean and easy to browse!
    Stay well now 😉