September 17 is her day…

Rare that you can find a friend like her. Shen is a “palitaw”… sometimes she’s there, sometimes she’s not. What is amazing with this friend of mine is that she has a knack for calling/texting when you feel like talking to/seeing her; when you need her. I remember there was a time when we hadn’t seen each other for a year or so. No calls, text messages, emails… this was the time that she had a “helmet” on and was crazy in love with a no-good guy. I kept on thinking that I want to see her but I didn’t know how to reach her because she dropped out of circulation. When out of nowhere, she called me up and we hooked up again.

It is already 15 years that we’ve been friends. She became my friend back in second year high school. It was not always a smooth ride for us. There was a time that a common friend tried to break our friendship. I am glad that I did not listen to her.

She was there during the good and bad times. She was there when I badly needed someone who wouldn’t judge me. She was there when I just needed mind-numbing monologues from someone. She has done so many things and the one I will never forget is when she was with me during that tumultuous TWA time. I will not grow tired of saying thank you for that time, pare! It was difficult to look back and see myself alone during that time. It would’ve been truly unbearable without you.

We call each other “pare”… nakasanayan na naming dalawa! Heheheh… I don’t call anybody else that way. I could not bring myself to call her “mare” kasi parang bading hahahah… Oops, no offense meant to my other friends. Kami lang nakakaintindi ng bading na yan hehehe…

She’s generous, maarte, very friendly, easy to get along with… she’s like a sister to me kaya naman I hate it whenever I learn she’s fallen for someone who doesn’t deserve her. Cause she deserves someone better. Someone who will love her for what she is. She’s had enough hurt to last her several lifetimes and she doesn’t need another one.

Basta Shen, I pray that He grant you your heart’s desires… and let me be the first one to greet you a…


I love you, my friend! I pray for more birthdays and more years of friendship with you. I pray that He gives you a man who will love you for who you are. I pray that He guide you always.

Oi san treat mo ha? 😛