What would you do?

What will you do if you have a best friend, already married, and is having marital problems? He insists in making you a pillar of strength even if you are in doubt whether you want to take on that role. Whenever you talk to him, he opens up and pours out his weaknesses and how he ought to just kill himself because he cannot act like a father should. And you are all tired of negating whatever harmful things he thinks he ought to do.

What will you do?

I am a good friend. Not because I am kind and all. It’s just that I believe in karma, that’s why. I am a good friend because I want to have good friends in return. And I can say that I do have some really good friends. Especially those from high school… and two from college.

I do not want to be a bad friend, most especially to a really close bud. But I am tired of everything. Don’t get me wrong, I love my best buds. The other one does not bother me with marital problems yet. He’s getting married soon. While the other one…

I just realized that maybe because I am used to seeing men like my dad, I am uncomfortable with the kind of setup I currently have with best bud no. 2. I don’t like it at all. I don’t like to always remind him to be strong for the kids, to not give up on the wife, to just hold on to the family and not harm himself. I particularly hate stopping him from leaving his family. I really hate it! It’s a sign of weakness and I hate it that a father can think of abandoning his family for whatever reason.

Now I am resorting to going invisible whenever he’s online. I hardly reply to his text messages.

And this afternoon, I cringed at a message I received from him. He’s asking if I am mad at him and if so, he does not want it to happen because I am the only one left that he can lean on.

I really don’t like it at all.

If you are in my position, what would you do?


  • rHo

    una ako… pero hindi ko pa nababasa! hehehe!

  • rHo

    siuro wala lang syang magpahingahan ng sama ng loob kaya sa’yo nya nasasabi ang mga ganyan db?! just be there for him… kahit wala ka sigurong sabihin, e okay na yun. ang importante.. ma-feel nya na there’s someone na laging andyan para sa kanya!

    siguro mahirap dahil we have our own problems din naman di ba pero ganyan talaga ang buhay… everybody needs somebody! pagalitan mo na rin minsan para magising pero in a nice way syempre! 🙂

  • for me? Stay…………….

    When a person is confused, weak and pessimistic, no one can enlighten him and strengthen him but a friend. He may be annoying, but he is still a friend. Friends doesn’t look for advices. They just need someone who will listen to them. And just being there with him through thick and thin is enough to pull him up again to his feet, amazingly, even without words.

    GodBless ate Sashing!

  • Like bluepanjeet.. u should stay sis.

    Regardless of whatever reasons u may have, u should be there for him as a friend, specially now that he is at his lowest.

    Don’t be selfish sis.. eksena nya to.. supporting role ka muna. Kung ano man ang mga ayaw mo.. siguro naman pwede pa po mkpagintay.

    Bad ka sis! aawayin kita sa ym.. hehehe..

    Love u! Mmmmmmmmwah!