Funny banner!

I bumped the entry that was supposed to go up tonight and instead I am posting this one. I am browsing sites of some popular bloggers today to get some idea on what is happening in the other side of the blogosphere (read: the upper class) and have found this banner really funny…


These people are kissing Poogle’s a$$ to be able to get their PRs back. Ha! As if Poogle Google will care about them!

This blogger, one of the top earners in PPP, is saying goodbye to her paid posts because she is on a “Poogle worship mission”, her words not mine. She can adopt all this kiss-a$$ attitude already because she has earned over $10K from PPP and is earning almost $1K from TLA every month. Now what about the little bloggers just starting out to earn some extra income for the holidays???

I say go on an Alexa worship mission! Haha 😀


I read Matt Cutts’ blog whenever he has updates. I love the guy even if he works at the Poogleplex. I admire his spunk in answering bitchy comments from bloggers slapped by his boss. I also admire his deep supply of patience in facing bloggers lambasting his boss. He explained some reasons why most blogs lost their PR. As well as why blogs not selling links or doing paid posts also got the slap. But there are loopholes in his explanation that I still don’t understand. Like, why are some blogs selling links not penalized like ours? Are they just lucky enough to avoid the Poogle’s all-encompassing eyes? And he said that blogs not into paid posts got a PR reduction because there was a PR update made at the same time the slap was happening. But then when you look at popular blogs previously slapped, they got their PR back just after a few days. What’s the deal?

Anyway, whatever, I still love Matt Cutts! Go read his blog if you are concerned whether Poogle will give you your PR back.


Anyhow, this site is saying GOODBYE to PPP, Blogsvertise and ReviewMe. Ah no, I am not on a Poogle worship mission as well. It’s just that, now that this site is back to a PR0, I don’t feel compelled to write $5 posts under PPP anymore. And I am not really crazy about the Real Rank and Social Spark. It looks dubious to me and there is this nagging thought in my mind that Real Rank will only benefit the upper class of PPP posties and posties from the US, Canada and UK. Asian posties, notice how we don’t get decent opps but when you ask other posties in the US and UK they still get decent ones even if they have a PR0?

ReviewMe has brought me a decent amount of income when I joined them. But for some reason, campaigns get lesser and lesser for PR0 blogs. Ditto with Blogsvertise.

I checked and I only have 9 posts under PPP and 8 posts under ReviewMe. Not really sure how many under Blogsvertise but I think it’s around 5. There will be no more than that.

I will still be doing paid posts for SponsoredReviews, Smorty, PayU2Blog, BTOP and others.

BUT, it would be lesser or in between 2 non sponsored posts. That will be my goal for this blog come 2008.

Happy blogging everyone!


  • I’m sorry to hear about the PR slap, sasha. The last time I checked (more than a week ago), yours was still at PR2 or 3.

    But I’m sure the opportunities will be back soon.

  • did you get enough na for your new car? 🙂
    me, tamad na rin. but still doing the ones that are assigned to me. besides, sobra-sobra na yung amount that i got. hahaha …

    funny banner talaga! 🙂

    enjoy the week, sis!

  • I love that banner! 😛

  • Hi Sasha. That’s an amusing banner. I feel saddened by the PR thing especially since I’ve just begun receiving favorable opportunities. Now, it’s cut beyond minimum. 🙁

  • i was just cursed! welcome me to the club sasha. hahaha!

  • i understand how you feel She, about this PR thing. It is really sad that doing sp is based on this. I also do not trust PPP’s real rank..but I am still taking opps from them. You have read I even wrote for $3,40…that’s how cheap i am ha ha!

  • MeL

    Feeling ko nga goodbye na rin ako sa PPP at Blogsvertise. Ano pa bang pwede kong pagkakitaan Ate Sashing? Goal ko kasing kumita sa paid opps para mabili ang ibang personal things ko. Advice pls? (send it through email) 🙂

  • Sasha, that is a funny banner. I don’t think it will make much different. Google does it because it can. I don’t know why they won’t configure the algorithm so that the key words will always show the dot.coms and then the blogger links. That would have been a nicer way to do it. People (and their fantastic computer) brought them to the top…I wonder what would happen if all those people will move somewhere else and stop googling.

  • Well, I don’t know about that PR thingy sis, pero sad ako para sa iyo…kasi kahit papaano it’s an additional income, at ang importante andiyan ka lang wuhoooo! 🙂

  • di ko masyado na iintindihan ung PR thingy. hehe. grabe im so behind na pagdating sa mga ganito. Hehe. but ill try to keep up. im doing paid posts little by little muna..

  • I like the banner na! And happy weekend ate!


  • off topic, She

    Just wanna wish you a fine weekend!

  • hey sis ko–may time ka pa kaya para DITO?

    sana naman- heheheh…hapi Friday sau kapatid kong masipag!

  • FT


    bgla naging PR0 ano? ganun din ung isa kong blog. nilagyan ko kasi ng sponsored post..naging 0 din hehe..gawa tau sarili nating pagerank..hahha.

    updated na ako sa mga posts mo..gumagamit ako ng feed aggregator..ung nasa last post ko sis. try mo rin sis!

    have a nice day!

  • pam

    naku, me naman, im just starting with ppp and blogvertise. hehe. kelangan munang rumaket. 😀

    oo nga, that’s funny. haha. 😛

  • hi sasha, musta?
    off-topic lng, hehe…
    napa-daan lng kasi na-miss kita…

  • hi sasha. do you have an idea why we were cursed? was it because of tla or ppp? or both?

  • hey sasha—habang nagkakagulo kayu diyan ay ito at ni tag kita nyahahahahha–gawin mo at ng maibsan ang mga umiinit na nerves mo hehehehe..
    tsek mo DITO!

  • ann

    Pag ba wala kang PR wala ka ring offers? ganun ba yun Sha?

  • interesting post,She!they worship google huh?LOL!

    i was kinda surprised to see lots of offers coming in from review me,with good money offer on them!the reason why im posting rapidly,almost everyday,well,im trying to cope up with my,naintriga ako,and ive found out that my akoni`s page price went up!whoah!!from 60$,its now worth 100$!!and its not about PR,yes,worship alexa,indeed!and technorati that sucks,plus the RSS subscribers.

    we can still work on it!