I hate it when friends abuse my kindness!

I lent a friend some money back in July. I wouldn’t have lent him some if he really didn’t need it. I also trusted him not to double cross me. Boy was I wrong! Almost 6 months down the road, here I am, begging him to at least leave me a message on YM. I have left messages on his YM accounts, Gmail, Friendster and even texted him even if his cellphone number is always out of reach. All messages asking him to at least tell me if he can already pay me or he still needs more time. I was polite at first thinking maybe he has not gone online for a few days now and his cellphone was pawned to get money for his kids and all. I am creating scenarios in my head so as to avoid thinking that he has no more desire to pay me. And then I saw his Friendster account a few minutes ago. It says that his last log in was 24 hours ago. Tapos dedma??? WTF?!?!@#$!%

I left him an angry message telling him to give me some respect because I did not just picked up that money out of nowhere. Of all my friends…

Another friend is asking for some financial help. She might not pull something like this on me but I don’t know. I have a soft heart for people undergoing financial problems because I’ve been there so many times I know the feeling of drowning in a sea of debts. That’s why I help relatives and friends. I always keep in mind that when I was in that situation, I hardly had someone I can run to for some financial help. And now that I can do my share of helping, I want to at least give back the kindness I received from others before.

But with this situation, I don’t know if I will lend money to friends again.

I am really pissed right now!


  • Waa. I know what you mean! I know some people too na parang wala na talagang balak na magbayad. tsk tsk. I just wrote my frustration on twitter: http://twitter.com/inoj/statuses/492166312

    Haaay. Bakit sila ganun??

  • some people nga naman ano sis, lalo na friend mo siya. minsan mahirap rin maging mabait. Oks lang sana kung talagang ‘la siya pera, magsabi na lang, that counts a lot. careful na lang next time, next time??? haha!

  • pam

    ah grabe naman yan ate. X( wala talaga akong masabi. asar yan. grr. sana naman magkaroon siya kahit konting decency

  • MeL

    Abuso na sa kabaitan ang taong yan. Just wait for his karma na lang. 🙁

  • Sasha, I hope everything will be ok soon. It is a lesson on who to trust but then again, as you have said, you have been there and you know hot it is to need help. But if people don’t appreciate what you have done, maybe yes, you have to think twice muna.

    Baka naman nahiya na kasi sa tagal hindi pa nakabayad? Pero hindi reason yun to ignore you.

    Take care 🙂

  • Sash, I can relate this situation. I never lend money anyone unless may assurance akong mabayaran. Halos ding nangungutang sakin ay, we ended up in enemy na. Kaya ayukong ng magpa utang para hindi masira ang friendship.

    Pabayaan mo na yan Sasha. May work ba yan, ano kaya kung puntahan mo ang Human Resources nila at mag reklamo ka.

    Btw, may award ako sau,