Technorati Authority and Rank

Have you noticed that Technorati has not been updating their Authority and Rank accurately? There have been some extreme ups and downs with numbers and even some are not moving at all. I already opened a support ticket for this one a few weeks back but I guess there are too many bloggers like me who are complaining about this to them.

I had this problem with one of my blogs before wherein whenever I ping it, it says that I haven’t updated for 60 days already (and counting) when in fact I update a couple of times a week. When I got the chance to email Technorati, they told me that for some reason, their spiders couldn’t reach my blog. They ‘manually released their spiders’ and my Authority and Rank jumped by a 100+. So you can just imagine the inaccuracy of the numbers because of that problem. For a time, everything was normal. Until December of 2007 when the same problems arose. Now I am waiting for them to look into the problem and address it.

Technorati Authority and Rank is important to some advertisers, especially in Sponsored Reviews. The higher the Authority you have, the better your price per review will be. So I am really concerned whenever there is a problem in updating my Technorati Authority and Rank.

Check out yours. Go to your account, click on Edit beside your account name, go to Blogs and ping your blog(s). If it accurately says how much time has elapsed since you last updated, then you don’t have any problem. But if the time is inaccurate, then you are having problems like mine. Open a support ticket so Technorati can address it right away.


  • Technorati has been acting real weird lately.

    Btw, hun, did you change my URL na? Take care and I miss you.

  • Thank you for this information manay. My technorati is not updatated din. It’s been 2 months now na ganun pa rin. I thought, wala akong backlinks kaya umiikot ako begging for exchange links pero ganun pa rin, di tumaas. I think I will wait nalang manay na mag update sila.

  • Technorati links only last 180 days! Here’s an explanation:
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  • i used to have technorati rank of 56. now it’s 44. i already sent them an email. wala namang response. i just noticed that sponsored reviews recognizes the technorati ranking and not the page rank. i wonder why.

  • ako bumaba ang technorati rank ko after nung nag “off” yung server natin. pero tinatamad na ako mag submit ng ticket sa kanila; noon nagsubmit ako and nothing happened. haayyy. 🙁