How to attract advertisers

In my entry about Making Money with a PR0 Blog, Mel asked me this…

…how to improve my site and kung paano maka-attract ng mga advertisers lalo. (how to attract advertisers even more)

Hmm… I am not really an expert but I have been browsing sites of the BIG probloggers and these are just some tips I gathered from them:

First and foremost, choose a good theme/template. Remember that your site’s layout is the first thing advertisers see. Make sure you have a clean layout. You should have a predefined corner where advertisers can put their ads. I read somewhere that it is better to choose a SEO-ready theme. And there a lot of this kind of themes.

I love themes by the following designers: Randa Clay, Brian Gardner, Solostream. I also check out themes from and Sadish Bala.

If you see a layout that you love but you don’t like the colors or the header or the background of the theme, you can tweak it a bit. Don’t be afraid to do it. It’s easy. Just make sure you ask permission from the designer or it says in the theme info that you are allowed to change portions of the theme. I will dedicate a post for tweaking themes one of these days.

Content is important. Most advertisers choose a blog which is relevant to their ads. So if you want to attract travel advertisers, then write posts about travel. Things like that. And remember to write in English. Most advertisers don’t like blogs written in any other language unless they are targeting a specific audience. If you really need to write in your local language, just make sure your post title clearly states so.

Site statistics. This is very important to advertisers. Advertisers need a reason to buy space in your blog. What are the benefits of doing business with you: high blog traffic, large circulation, PageRank, Alexa stats, Feedburner count… Other bloggers down play their stats. But I believe if you really want to attract advertisers, put your stats strategically. Put it in a place where advertisers visiting your blogs would likely see it. What are you most proud of? Do you have a high PageRank? Then put it in a place where advertisers will see it right away. High Alexa rank? Do the same. High Feedburner subscriber count? Show it.

So that’s my take on how to attract advertisers. Again, I am no expert. These are a product of what I gathered doing the rounds of blogs of the BIG probloggers out there. Do you have anything to add? Feel free.