PageRank Update

It seems there is really some confusing implementation of Google’s PageRanking system.

I am a lurker at Colleen’s blog, PPP’s top earner. When the Google slap happened, a few weeks after the first and second hits, her blog which was a PR5 went down to PR0. Just a couple of days ago, I noticed that her blog went up to PR3 again. I emailed her last night about this and asked her if she did anything at all to get some PR back. She said that she hasn’t done anything at all.

There is hope after all πŸ˜‰

Now there’s another PPP top earner’s blog that I’ve been lurking at. She’s an obnoxious person but she dishes out tips and tricks in making money online and some wordpress tricks so I read her blog entries. She has a PR4 then went down to PR0. She gained back her PR4 a few weeks back by cleaning her blog. She removed all make money banners and sidebar links. She made links No Follow and have removed any post associated with PPP. Then she submitted her blog to Google for reconsideration.

You can do that as well. So many blogs have regained their PR by doing this. But of course, you need to say goodbye to the incoming extra dollars. What would you be needing a PR for if you can’t earn from it?

Then again look at Colleen’s blog. If there’s one person in the whole www associated with PPP, that would be her. And she gained back her PR without doing anything. Tina S. is another popular PPP member doing PPP posts with a banner to boot. Yet she still has a PR3 until now.

Google’s PR is really one big mystery to me.


  • Joni

    Google’s PR is really one big mystery to me. — And always will be. I hope they don’t slap me. πŸ™

  • Thanks for this info Sash…it happened to my from 4 to 0 … hope i can get it back.

    Happy Monday! hugs.

  • that’s why i don’t post any links from these moneymaking schemes. if i were u try to remove all the banners and ads. avoid using words like “PPP and payperpost” to all your post. It happened to,, etc. sana wag akong tamaan. hays.

  • la akong banner nila except for my entry post. but if i were to believe in the math of PR in an SEO ebook, the more outbound links that I have, the greater the possibility that my PR will reduce.

  • hello dear sasha..may award ako para sayo at may tag din…tingnan mo na lang sa site ko kapatid!

  • Yen

    Same here,Sash! I was PR 4 went down PR3 and now it’s freakin’ BIG ITLOG! lol πŸ™‚ Just dropping by…

    Btw, wanna xlinks? πŸ™‚

  • They slapped me a while back. I used to have a page rank of 4 than it went down to 2 and now it is a 0. I so not know why, but oh well. I did not do any get paid to write things on this blog either.

  • with or without PR, let’s blog on! πŸ™‚

  • WOW DAH’ling! this is very good information! I might have to clean house this weekend and see what happens!

  • Sash, yung ibang blog ko nga I am not worried anymore, ok lang di maganda ang Alexa ko kase etong google, walang pinipili. May nakikita akong blog na di karadapat dapat na magka PR pero may PR4 sila. Kahit 3 mos old palang tumaas agad ng PR3. Tama ba yun? Pa swerte2x nalang tau. Sabi nga nila, apektado din ang ibang non-paid bloggers. I think nasabi ko na to sau nuon, mas maganda maraming blog para pag ma zero ang isa baka magka PR naman ang iba nating blog. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  • joy

    This is good news. I hope this is true and that it will happen to my blog lol.

  • It’s really confusing, just a while ago I visited Siani’s blog. She recently signed up with PPP. Her blog has a PR3, but after posting 4 paid posts, her PR went 0. I signed up for PPP just a few days ahead of her and so far posted 10 opps, salamat naman at hindi pa nawawala ang PR ko. Pero sana.. sana talaga hindi tanggalin ng google.