Webhosting and dNeero

My blogs went down for a few hours this afternoon. In all honesty, it really pissed me off. Big time! I have been monetizing most of my blogs. And I have experienced being flagged by advertisers because they thought the review I did went missing in just a few hours or days after I submitted it. I was flagged twice by Sponsored Reviews because my blog was down during those times they were checking. Bummer! Thank goodness they were very considerate.

I have been contemplating on getting another webhost for a couple of days now. I am thinking of getting Bluehost but I heard some contradicting feedbacks about it.

My current webhost dishes out great service. I can contact them via email and text messaging if something went awry with my blogs. They respond immediately. The only thing I don’t like from them is this downtime I encountered several times already. It doesn’t matter if I am just running a regular blog. I am monetizing at least 90% of all the blogs that I have. I cannot afford to get flagged again, or lose a potential advertiser because when they went knocking, my blog was down.

What webhosting service are you using? Would you recommend it to me?


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  • Hi Sasha. How often nangyayari sa yo to? pareho pala kayo ni Mommylenya ng webhost.

  • I can’t really recommend my webhost, minsan kasi may downtime din sila, plus may support team pa sila na mabagal sumagot. Buti na lang kahit pano, may kaibigan ako na dun na nagwo-work ngayon kaya yun ang kinukulit ko. Kaibigan ko rin yung may-ari kaya lang busy nmn yun lagi, nahihiya akong kulitin yun, unless importante na talaga. Tagal ko rin silang di tinantanan nung nagka problema ako sa email ko eh! Pero lately wla naman ulit akong problema sa kanila.

  • ahahahaha..wow nkadneero k n sana ako yung ngrefer sayo… hehehe ako.. ba???? uy…my isa p akong kaperahan galore join k rin gurl mdali lng clik lng ng clik.. ito un..htpp://bux.to/?r=repah un lng msaya dyan.. kaperaham uli..

  • Sorry to hear that you had problems. Hope you can find a more dependable host soon. Take care.

    BTW, if you have time, I tagged you:
    alphabet tag. Thanks!

  • i noticed it. i am looking at another webhosting site na medyo 99.99% uptime. i’ll have thay dotcom soon.

  • My webhost is based in Arizona, although i’m not in US. I’m in Europe but I never experience server downtime. It’s Godaddy.com. Try to visit the site na lang.

    Btw, thanks for your message. Sure, I’ll link you up.

  • naku, wala pa akong pambayad jan.. hehe.. manlilimos na nga lang me ng domain.. hehe.. 🙂

  • pam

    im with you ate. my freaking blogs are down thats why im using this link muna. damnit. naaasar talaga ako. and just like you, for monetizing purposes din siya. grr. x(

  • Sha, I just signed up at Bluehost. I’m still learning. Do check my new blog. You’ll be first. Thank you.

  • hello sha…makinig at mainlab sa bagong kanta ni martin …bisita ka sa blog ko hah

  • at least for using blogger,i have a fairly reliable webhost sans the cost 😛

    btw, can we ex-links with my paetechie.blogspot.com blog? thanks

  • i’m a newbie blogger and learning a lot from your blog. thanks

  • hmmmm…. usap tayo 😀