The Love Month is here!

Time flies so fast! It is February 3 now and before you know it, it’ll be Holy Week once again. This coming Wednesday is a red letter day for all Catholics out there. It will be Ash Wednesday already. Start of Friday fasting. Holy Week is way too early this year. March 16-23, unlike the usual first week of April that we are all used to.

Notice also how hot it already is? Summer is really here!

So you must have noticed I haven’t updated for 2 days. Here are the main reasons why…

It was supposed to be my mom’s 50th birthday had she survived her sickness. There would have been a party for her if she’s still alive. But she died a little over 2 years ago so there was none. The whole family still had dinner on her birthday, in honor of her memory.

We are looking for a university for my brother. He’ll be graduating from high school this coming April and will start college by June. My little brother’s already 16 and will soon cease to be the baby in the family. I just wish he will get to finish college and not get into bad company along the way.

I also had to take care of our trip to Baguio by the 2nd week of this month. My bestfriend Lem is getting married by the 18th in Baguio and my sisters and I are attending of course. He’s like a brother to us and had it been summer vacation already, the whole family would have been in complete attendance.

And we took advantage of the 3-day payday sale that is currently being held in some SM malls. We bought a lot of home stuff including several curtains. We are redecorating our home for the summer, making it more bright and cool to the eyes.

That took almost 3 days of my time and the reason for my online ‘absence’.


  • First off I apologize for the recent inconveniences as they are inevitable. Bu for the uptimes, there were no downtime as stated. If you are not convinced you should have signed up with some 3rd party monitoring service to check the uptime of the servers which we also use aside from server side monitoring.

    I respect the decision you are about to make, but having used various web hosting sites locally and abroad for quite a number of years, jumping from one to another, all I can say is there is no real “99.99% uptime” it’s just a marketing speak for some companies. All I can advice is to look for a hosting which has very good support and especially “Transparency” if ever you are going to jump ship.

    Best regards.

  • Ferdz, thanks for leaving a comment. The reason why I am ranting about this right now is because napapadalas na kasi yung downtime. You see, I can understand that there are circumstances which you have little control of. But if I am not mistaken, I experienced downtime almost every other week for the past couple of months. I have signed up with and I receive regular updates regarding downtime and uptime of my blogs. I will try to retrieve the automatic email messages of Pingdom to me.

    If you have read my previous post about Webhosting, you could see how much I like your customer support. But again, I cannot afford the downtimes that have happened so many times already.

    I don’t mean any harm to your company. That’s why I haven’t mentioned any names.

  • how time flies ano sis?…pasko…hearts month then mag hoholy week na. magka-college na rin pala si bunso niyo…Kaygee too, pumasa siya sa UST and miriam but still figuring out which one. haaa…wala ako doon to assist her 🙁
    Enjoy your baguio trip, summer na diyan! dito balot na balot pa kami 🙂
    happy monday! 🙂

  • Hope you have a wonderful trip!and wish your brother all the best.:)