Aargh! Paypal!!!

It seems there has been an ongoing problem with withdrawing funds from Paypal to your Unionbank account. I have withdrawn funds last January 25, around 9PM to my Unionbank Savings Account. I expected to receive it last February 1st or 2nd because it normally takes me around 5-7 days before funds get credited to my account. It’s now February 5.

Last Sunday, February 3, I contacted Paypal asking if there is a problem with my withdrawal because it is still showing a ‘Pending’ status. I haven’t received any response. Last night, I can feel symptoms of a panic attack so I emailed them again, now citing the ID number of the transaction because I forgot to include it the first time. Still, no response.

So an hour ago, I called up 84186 – Unionbank’s Phone Banking, and talked to a customer support representative. I didn’t get any answer from the CS aside from she will report the matter first. I expected as much. After that, I called up the branch. I talked to a very pleasant Joy of Emerald Avenue branch (Wynsum Bldg) and she listened to my problem and told me she will get back to me after she has talked to someone from their head office. She did call me back but she still has no answers for me. Head office wants the customer to call CS directly. I. DID. THAT. ALREADY!

Now I am into a full-blown panic attack. I have withdrawn 2 batches of my funds there! I have been advised by my good friend Devilicious that her writer has been having the same problems with her withdrawal since January 14. JANUARY 14!!!

Someone from Unionbank needs to address this right away. Because according to D’s writer, Paypal’s response to her is to get back to her bank. Paypal has nothing to do with the withdrawal processing. She’s using an EON account, by the way. EJ Foronda of Unionbank called me up a few minutes ago, most likely because of Joy from Emerald branch. He apologized and promised me he would look into this matter right away. He told me to email him the details of my pending withdrawal and he will try to get to talk to someone from VISA or Paypal and will get back to me asap. Thank goodness!

UPDATE: I haven’t gotten a call from EJ of Unionbank yet. When I called CS, they still cannot address my concerns and is actually passing the blame to Paypal. According to a CS I spoke to, Unionbank is just a receiving bank. If they don’t get any remittance from Paypal, then there is nothing to credit. Might be true. But what is frustrating about this answer is that, it just skirts the issue at hand. Shouldn’t they be looking into this??? In my opinion, they should! A friend of mine withdrew funds to her Citibank credit card and encountered no problems. I am thinking that if the problem lies with Paypal, then there will be complaints coming from other than those using Unionbank accounts! That simple!

Unionbank better address this right away! A lot of people are experiencing the same problem as mine. Read the links below…

Aggie’s Paypal Money Withdrawal Problems

I got the following link from her blog post. Thanks, Aggie!

E-bay Forum – PayPal Pending Withdrawal Problems

Read comments in this post and at Aggie’s as well. And Pam is also having the same problems. My Feb 1 withdrawal should have been showing a “Completed” status already. It’s “Pending” till now.

Now, I am wondering if any of you have encountered, or is currently settling, the same problems as mine? Care to share what happened and how you were able to solve it?

*Originally posted last Feb 5, 2008 at 11:33AM


  • were you using an EON as well or just a local savings account? i haven’t really tried physically withdrawing paypal money. what i’ve tried is transfer funds to my citibank credit card as payment form y purchases and it worked well. haven’t encounteres any problem yet though i havent experienced requesting for an overpayment cheque yet.

  • @iRonnie

    I am using a Unionbank Savings Account (with the VISA logo on the ATM), different from EON. It is actually my payroll account. I believe there are no problems with other bank accounts. Lalo na sa Citibank credit card account which my friend is also using. She was able to request for a check 3x already. Wala namang problem.

  • ay siya, sis no comment ako hehe
    Sana lang makuha mo na ang para sa iyo….good luck 🙂

  • that’s awful! i hope it will be resolved soon!

  • thanks for the warning te!

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  • pam

    ate!!! i’m encountering the same problems. 🙁 pending pa rin yung status ng withdrawal ko. bakit ganun??

    january 28 pa ako nagwithdraw. 🙁 hanggang ngayon wala pa.

    uhm, email mo naman ako.. pam.gutierrez.22@gmail.com ano ba pwede kong gawin? contact ko rin sila? eh basing from what i read, parang hindi effective. huhu

  • I have never touched the fruits of my monetizing. Bayaan ko lang siya maipon. Pero this is still very informational. These things happen pala. I’m thinking of going with iRonnie’s scheme with his dough, looks like the more practical venture there is.

    Hello Sasha!

  • Yes i heard this problem from fellow bloggers too. Up to now, those who’ve made withdrawal from January 25 still in pending status. We need to address this issue to Union Bank i think! The last time na nag withdraw ako, 4 days lang inabot. Btw, nag try ako kahapon mag withdraw, expected ko sia by Monday, let’s see.

  • Hey Sasha!

    I haven’t tried withdrawing money from paypal before, I usually spend it online hehe… actually I was thinking of just withdrawing so I stop spending money, but I can’t stomach the exchange rate from US to Can dollar! I’m waiting for the days when the US dollar bounces back….

    Anyways, you gave me second thoughts about which of my bank accounts to use for transfers. I hope your issues are resolved soon! Have a great week 🙂


  • Sha, I hope maayos na ito, soon!

  • Let me know the updates on this. We need to get this addressed soon -so we can find out who really is responsible for our lost money!

  • Di ko pa natry magwithdraw from the EON Card, ang ginagawa ko kasi pinapa-xoom ko lagi. Medyo may charge nga lang.

  • Same here. Last January 24 and 31st yata ang transfer ko but still pending. I don’t think there is a problem with Paypal. I tried adding a new account, PCI Equitable, and in one day, the status changed into ‘completed’ while my paypal is still ‘pending’.

    I called up the customer service agent, and she told me that I will wait for 11 days which will fall this Friday, February 8.. grrr.. I’m gonna kill them! I’m not that stupid you know, I do 3 to 4 transfers a month and it only took 4-5 days (I even received funds even on Saturdays)but this time, worst!

    I hope they will realised and Unionbank will act this very soon! Goodness!

  • Naku sis.. gang ngayon waiting pa din? Grabe naman! Alin naman kaya tlga sa 2 ang me prob? Mukang parehas silang sablay e.. tsk..

    Buti nlng si xoom din kami. Aus lng ang charges basta instant.. kesa naman sa nyets na eon.. lonti lang ang difference.. mamumuti pa mata mo kakaintay..

    haaay.. life..

    Mmya ata ttwag ulit si ate glez dun.. balitaan kita..

  • Sasha,

    There are updates on my blog.

    A friend had her Jan 26 transaction completed just today. Let’s give them this weekend to clear things up.

  • Mare, kakasimula ko pa lang ng Paypal at nagdadalawang-isip tuloy ako dyan sa EON card na yan.
    Hope maayos na ang problem, maraming apektado. Aba malaki ang mawawala sa Unionbank sa rami ng Pinoy bloggers, kung hindi na through EON card ang transaction na gagamitin sa pag-withdraw ng Paypal funds.

  • Yen

    I hope makuha mo na money mo sis..That’s awful! 🙁

  • It really sucks and I hope Unionbank will address the matters immediately but it also shows how incompetent that bank is.

  • wala pa ba update? nag withdraw ako thru bank last tuesday. di ko pa alam ang result.

  • Hi sasha. Ganun din ung sa akin. Nag withdraw ako last Jan 28 and pending pa rin. I think ang may problema dito ay ung Paypal and not Unionbank. As long as hindi complted un ng paypal wala ngang matatanggap ang Unionbank. dibadibs?

    Anyway, read this wonderful article:

  • kakatakot yan ah.. sana ma-solb na yan sasha..

  • Hi Sash, hope your paypal problem will be fix soon. TC

  • Oh what a mess! I hope you can get it figured out!!

    Btw, Friday Feast isn’t up this week so I made some questions of my own….feel free to join in and pass the word along 🙂


  • hi sasha..if yung method na ginamit mo is withdrawal from paypal to eon debit card, may problem daw kasi ang paypal last Jan 24 .. technical problem daw and that explains the pending withdrawals.. pending pa rin yung withdrawal ko sa Jan 24. But paypal made an announcement already that they will process and try to fix all the pending withdrawals this February 8, 2008. So hopefully ngaun or tomorrow we can get our money na.. You can read more about paypal’s announcement sa pinoy money talk website.

    let’s not worry.. Paypal has acknowledged its a problem on their part and will work it out.. 🙂

  • hello sasha…naku ako nga,, nag try na mag apply ng eons sa kanila on line…but up to now wala padin resulta…waaaahhh

    sana maayos na agad ang bagay nayan …abah sayang ang effort mo dear…pray nalang tayo…everything will turn out right

  • Hi, there! I know Friday’s Feast website is down this week, so…

    Do you want to play mine? Or maybe Bethany’s?

    Why not both? 🙂

  • Ate, Ako naman have no problems regarding the issue. Jan 22 ako last ng withdraw and I received my funds after 4 days. pero may nabasa akong thread na may maintenance daw ang paypal nung Jan 24? baka yun yung cause ng delayed payouts. hopefully makuha nyo na yung money nyo by this week. 🙂