Busy, busy, busy

Been out of the house everyday, running errands mostly. Been so busy catching up with a lot of things. If you will notice, I go online for a few hours only. Barely have enough time to bloghop to everyone’s site. But I will do my rounds this evening. Will be offline for 4 days…

My sisters and I will be going to Baguio tomorrow until Tuesday evening. My bestfriend will be getting married by Monday, February 18th. We will also be touring the city again and hopefully will bump into Pam before we go back to Manila.

I will probably just schedule a Weekend Snapshot entry as well as another entry about interim posts.

So expect a lot less of me until I come back to blogging on Wednesday 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. Thank you for the tags and awards! I am a bit slow picking everything up but know that I truly appreciate all of it.