Bb. Pilipinas winner: Should a beauty queen be a good English speaker?

Ruffa Gutierrez reacted to the winner of the Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant for NOT being fluent in English. The lady had a hard time in her Q&A portion but still went on to win the title of Bb. Pilipinas-World, a title previously won by Ruffa herself.

Come to think of it, what is wrong if you only know how to speak your native language and nothing else? Does a beauty queen really have to speak the English language fluently?

Let’s just recall a bit here that Dayanara Torres has an interpreter when she won the Miss Universe title a couple of years ago. She spoke in Spanish the whole pageant.

So do you really need to be fluent in English for you to become a beauty queen? Is it a requirement?

This just shows how colonial mentality is affecting us Filipinos. Fluency in English does not necessarily mean you are speaking sensibly when you open your mouth. I can name a lot of people I met in the call center companies I have been with who speak really good English coupled with the American or British accent but with the brains of a child. English fluency does not translate to an intelligent person, people!

Ruffa is wrong in saying that it is embarrassing for a beauty queen to be unable to speak in English. Says who? There is no need to be self-righteous when it comes to English fluency and grammar. We should all be proud of our language. If a beauty queen cannot speak in straight English, then let her speak in Tagalog and get an interpreter! Other countries do that, why can’t we?

My point is this… why lambast a girl for that? Give the girl a break! At tayo namang mga Pilipino, kung di kinakailangang mag-Ingles o kung talagang di natin kaya, eh di mag-Tagalog na lang! Wag masyadong trying hard! Walang masama sa pagsasalita ng Tagalog.


  • Gusto ko rin sanang mag blog about this… haha… Korek, di naman requirement na maging fluent sa english ang isang beauty queen. Yung ibang mga contestants from Venezuela, Japan, etc, laging may enterpreter pero nananalo pa rin.

    Alam mo yun din ang point ko, kung hindi rin lang naman carry mag salita ng ingles, eh di mag pure tagalog o taglish na lang kesa naman, puro ah, uhm, oh my gosh, ang maririnig mo. At least hindi trying hard ang dating. At mas kaya mo pang iexpress ang feelings mo. Ako honestly hindi ko kayang mag english ng dere derecho, ma-uubusan ako ng english at mag no-nosebleed pa. 😀

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  • hehehe taray ng lola ko 🙂
    kaya nga tignan mo si Ruffa Guttierez diba maliit utak naging 3rd Princess ba ng Ms World? lol!

    hehehe pasensya ka na sa kin she kung nagtatrying hard ako mag ingles ha lol!!! di ako kikita kung di ko kakapalan muka ko 🙂

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  • Di naman sa ganun sis.

    Aminado ako kahit sa youtube and sa blogs ko lang napanood .. e nairita talaga ko.

    BUT not because of her english or the way she delivered her answer.. kundi dahil sa SAGOT nya mismo.

    Sablay sis!

    OO, tama ka.. hindi sa kakayahang mag ingles makikita ang pagkaintelihente ng tao. Pero naman. Kung tinagalog nya kaya yun..magiiba din ba ang tema ng sagot nya?

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  • Philippines has known to be the only English speaking country in Asia…and we can’t deny the fact that Philippines has loosing the proficiency yet Filipinos is still leading among Australia,South Africa,New Zealand in terms of proficienctly…Melanie Marquez won the title both locally and internationally because she has the guts,beauty,and the poise..yet her english is not that good..we should support the recent winner of the of Bb.Pilipinas-World……

  • Jen

    Okay lang naman mag-Tagalog sa beauty pageant, pero sana may kakayahan ding sumagot yung nanalo. Sa sagot pa lang niya, kahit palampasin mo na yung mali maling Ingles, palkpak. Dispalinghado. Tama ba namang yun ang piliin nilang manalo? Buti sana kung pangalan lang niya ang dala niya pag sumali siya sa international contest, ang kaso, hindi. Dala niya ang pangalan ng bansa niya. What does that say about us? Na wala na tayong ibang pwedeng ilahok dun at siya na yung best of the crop? And what the hell were the judges thinking picking her as the winner?

    Ang beauty contest na yan di lang naman based sa looks, may halo ding points for intelligence, kaya nga may Q&A portion. Dahil kung based lang sa looks, sana hanggang parada na lang sila at hindi na lang sila pinagsasalita.

    Di ako galit sa pinost mo ha, agree naman ako sa point mo eh. Di naman necessary na magaling kang mag-Ingles para sumali ng beauty contest. Di ko lang gusto na siya ang nanalo. The judges could’ve done a better job picking the winner. Kaya nga sila ginawang judge para mag-judge… ng matino.

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  • Sasha

    @Devilicious sis and Jen…

    I might not have able to make my point that clear but Ruffa could have criticized the lady for not having the brains needed for a beauty queen… not for the English fluency. Kasi ang gist ng interview niya is English fluency is equals to intelligence.

    Saka alam mo, if you have watched the Q&A carefully, the girl lost her train of thought when she said… “they was…” tapos nagtawanan na yung mga tao. I guess she got nervous and all na.

    Oh well, we all have different opinions naman. Thank you for sharing yours 🙂

  • Sasha


    I believe there is a never ending controversy on this Bb. Pilipinas pageant. Starting from who gets in, the gowns used, judges’ favorites and many more.

  • Sasha

    @Ate Melai…

    Di ka naman trying hard mag-English dyan! Hehehe

  • Ang sabi niya di niya narinig yung tanong, ang mali niya di siya nagtanong kung ano yung tanong *ang gulo ko haha* ‘yun nga lang, di talaga nagpapigil ang magaling na Rufing oh well…

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  • Jen

    agree ako sa sinabi mo about what Ruffa said. she shouldn’t have said that. pero what does Ruffa know ba? i don’t care to listen to her talk. she acts like she’s god’s greatest gift to mankind. *roll eyes* boses p*kp3k naman. (okay awayin ko na si ruffa hahaha!) i just don’t really like Ruffa.

    natural talaga na magtatawanan mga tao when she said “they was”. I don’t know if you noticed pero ang pinoy, pagdating sa mga bagay na ganyan, tawa agad, yung mapag-kutya ba. na parang akala mo kung sinong mga henyo and all. 🙂

    hopefully she gets trained really well bago siya isabak.

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  • i don’t think that the problem lies with her grammar/english. come to think of it, even if we translate her answer in tagalog, HER ANSWER JUST DIDN’T MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL. in the video clip, we could overhear Paolo Bediones saying “pwedeng magtagalog” but Janna chose to speak in English despite of the fact that she is really having a hard time explaining herself. so it was her who put herself on the spot.

  • I have not watched it but it is a topic in the office. To answer your question in the title- I think , she should?

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  • Simple naman yung tanong sa kanya, even a 5th grader can answer it straight. 🙂 But anyways, she is still beautiful and perhaps mesmerize the miss world judges and don’t forget to use TEXT POWER!

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  • Pero sasha, kahit sa mga interviews niya ngayon sa tv, ganun pa rin siya. Hindi niya masagot ang simpleng tanong.

    Pinili siya dahil sa tindig niya, height, and beauty lng and not brains.

    may nagcomment sa blog ko, sabi niya wala daw Q&A portion sa Ms. World Pageant. Is this true?

    anyway, take care! Sinilip ko na ung new blog mo. :p

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  • bungangaraw & partner

    She should but only because of convenience, not necessity. If english fluency is not among the criteria required to gain a point, a contestant would be better off using an interprter if only to prevent misunderstandings (questions).
    I encountered youtube clips where foreigners are speaking Tagalog; some mangled it; some have accents that are thick as the Berlin wall, but all the comments about them were positive: kind, effusive, even proud that these non-Filipinos are using, however badly, our language. So why can´t we be simply similarly amused when one of our own tries to speak in a language not her own and slips.
    Isn´t it more contemptible if a Filipino cannot speak proper Tagalog? How would we react in a situation where a Filipino contestant could not answer a question asked in Tagalog? Would we be head-taller if she answered in perfect english? Phuuh!!

  • bungangaraw & partner

    Janine laughingly admitted that she was only sventeen years old; that was her way of telling the world that she, including her english proficiency, will get better as she grow older. And, as far as I can deduced from the clip, the audience loved her for those gaffes, don´t you think? I think its laughter was more of familial amusement–like to a toddler uttering its first “da-da”–than sarcastic. Only the media, afterwards, gave the whole episode a different perspective.
    On the other hand,I think Ruffa would have flunk out on a contest with her answers during her interview. She was harsh, arrogant and….boses bakla!