He looked like the Big Bully!

Have you watched the Senate hearing today? I was able to watch the portion wherein Senator Jinggoy Estrada was the one in-charge of asking Leo San Miguel and Dante Madriaga. I just noticed something with the way Jinggoy treated both men… he has a smirk the whole time and was quite the big bully!

Maybe he was thinking that ha! Now you know how it feels to be grilled the way we were grilled when my father and I were being charged with so many things!

If you watch the hearing, there is a big difference with the way the senators treat the witnesses. Senator Kiko Pangilinan, Senator Rodolfo Biazon and Senator Allan Cayetano knew how to treat the witnesses. No condemnation in the way they look at these people. Jinggoy on the other hand…

My post’s title says it all.