PR is coming back!!!

Hey Matt Cutts, what’s up with the returning PageRanks???

Good news, friends! Apparently, some blogs are getting their PageRanks (PRs) back. Both blogs of tita Liza slapped with a PR0 less than a month of getting a PR4 are now given back their PRs. Ate Ghee’s blog got a +1 in her PR. From PR3 it is now back to PR4. Most bloggers given a PR4 before the big slap where given back their PRs. Again, mostly PR2s. Rach’s, Ate Thess’, Teacher Julie’s blogs got their PRs back. Lucky them!

There is hope, people.

I just wish this blog’s PR will come back one day soon 🙂 And I wish I know what’s the criteria in getting a blog’s PR back. Oh Google!

Happy Friday weekend everyone!