WordPress theme that loads way faster

I changed my theme again 🙂 The old one has problems with the plugins I have activated and some friends have noticed that the old theme loads way too slow. I thought it was just on my end but apparently, others experienced it, too.

I looked for a simple, 2-column wordpress theme that has a white background and found this Blue Zinfandel Squared Enhanced 2.0 by Brian Gardner. I tweaked it a bit and put a header image, raindrops caught on cobwebs. I also darkened the navigation bar and the footer.

This is the original look of this theme.

I am satisfied with the outcome. My blog now loads way faster than the previous themes I had. I also like the light blue and black font colors here.

Anyway, since I love changing themes, I will start recommending great, functional themes that I find. Plus sites where you can get wordpress themes and blogger templates as well.

It’s Palm Sunday today. Gone to church yet? Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

*Just updated to the wordpress 2.3.3 version. If you find something weird going on here, please drop me a line, will you?


  • Happy Sunday Sash. nice and neat looking. I still working on getting use to work on wordpress. I update mine last night i surely have a hard time since i’m not use to work on wordpress. and my site still pink…i don’t know i can’t get away with pink. hehehe.

    Ingat and have a great week ahead. hugs!

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  • Jen

    Brian’s WP themes are super!

    You know what, I think my blog loads kind of slow, too. I may have to change themes again (which I always do).

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