Mind stump

I know a lot of you have experienced this at one time or another. I, myself, have been in this situation numerous times. I am talking about a slump in blogging juice. Blog juice stops running through your veins for a period of time.

If you noticed, this blog suffered through the worse of my slump. I was able to schedule posts in My Own Utopia so the entries keep coming in. But this blog had no scheduled posts so all you see for quite a few days now were sporadic short entries and a dose of the paid ones.

What do you do if you are having one of those days when your mind just shuts down and refuses to acknowledge the fact that there are a lot of issues out there that you can write about? Me? I just rough it out and wait until the blog juice comes pouring in again.

*Dad’s birthday today. On April 4 to 7, my whole family will be off to Baguio for a vacation. I will schedule posts so this blog will not look unattended. I will return visits when I get back.

Happy blogging everyone!