Arranging your bookmarks toolbar

Starting today, whenever I come across something that I think will benefit me and another person or two, you will see this button and you’d know right away that I will be dishing out Tips and Tricks.

I love using the “Bookmark This Page” function of my browser. I use two browsers right now. Firefox and Opera. This Tips and Tricks post will be about using the Bookmark function in a Firefox browser.

Whenever I come across a web site or a blog that I like, I bookmark it. Sometimes five or so sites a day that I have a very long list of bookmarked sites. Honestly, I sometimes get confused why I bookmarked that particular site. Thanks to a blogging resource web site that I’ve come across today, I learned how to organize my bookmarked sites.


Click on the screenshot that I took to show you what I did to my Bookmarks Toolbar. I organized the sites that I bookmarked into folders. Yes, you can use folders in your bookmarks toolbar. Label your folders accordingly. I had mine as Fave (For sites that I love and would like to read daily), Check! (For sites that I need to check once more), WP (For anything wordpress related), Memes, Entrecard (Posts related to Entrecard as I am still thinking of whether to join or not) and Problogging (For anything related to making money online). Labeling your folder will make sure you don’t forget why you bookmarked a particular site.

Makes sense?

I hope I was able to teach you a thing or two about your Bookmarks Toolbar today.

Happy blogging!