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I am so darn tired of complaining to my service provider about my internet connection speed. You see, I am paying for up to 1258 kbps internet connection speed. My local provider is Bayantel. For a few days now, I have noticed the decline in the speed of my connection. I noticed that it takes a while before a blog loads that normally loads faster before. I complained at Bayantel’s customer service and they reset the modem. After that, the connection speed improved but after 30 minutes or so, it declined once more. And even right at this very moment, the connection speed I am getting is 1/6 of the speed that I am paying for. Let me just stress this one… I pay on time! There were months that I even paid in advance because I don’t want any hassle with my internet connection as this is the life of my work.

I complained again last night about this. And do you know what? All this time I did not know how to check my internet connection speed until the kind CS told me about this website…

Test your Internet connection speed at

They should have told me this a long time ago! I was relying on them to make sure everything was working fine. All this time, there are hours in a day that I am getting a measly portion of what I am paying for. This pisses me off big time! Wait until I get really mad at them and I will go to their office to give their officer a piece of my mind.Anyway, I have asked that a technician from Bayantel schedule a check up of my modem and other things related to my DSL connection. If the situation will not improve, then I will say goodbye to Bayantel. Any local DSL provider that you can recommend?

If you are experiencing the same slow connection and is doubtful about the internet connection speed that you are getting, check out because it will really give you an accurate speed of your connection.

*Note: This is not a paid review.


  • Hey Sasha! I love! I go there like every other freaking day to check my speed. I like to know I’m getting what I pay for! I like the new set up here.

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  • yeah…i always complained with PLDT with their speed. they also lead me to that page. it’s good. you can check your speed all the time.

    droppin’ by…

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  • kainis talaga kapag slow-connection…

    I used to have a DSL connection but it was so slow because my area is outside of the periphery of the exchange, so I decided to switch to cable. No complaints now…

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  • ate she, naalala ko yung dati ko experience, nagwala ako dati sa opisina ng digitel dito sa amin. sila kasi nagoffer ng dsl. when I tried it mabagal pa rin pero sabi ko ayos lang wag lang dial up.

    then after three days nawalan ng connection. it lasted for four days and they still did not bother visiting my house. Then I went to the manager’s office and spewed fire at them. she told me that i cannot terminate my contract. so what I did was i called the main office of digitel in manila and talked to the gen manager. that’s the only time they let go of me together with the reimbursement of all the payments that I gave them.

    kaya ako nakapag smart bro. and since dec of 2006 wala pa ako nagiging problema sa smart bro.

    karapatan mo magreklamo pag ganyan ka mediocre sila sa cliente. yung iba kasi magalinglang pag magkakabit. pag magaayos na tinatamad na.

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  • Hi! I can just imagine the frustration of surfing the net while going on a pace turtles will laugh at.

    That used to be my problem when I was still there in our beloved Philippines. I think it is also because Pinoys are just so techno addicted that IT infrastructures, even of those giants like PLDT, are not just able to cope with the demand. I remember watching the news here in London that it is also becoming a problem here, and it is because there are just so many users, that’s what they said.

    Anyway, I hope this problem won’t get in the way of your blogging. Thanks also for visiting my site, HotMomma. I am signing in here as modernmariaclara, which is my other blog. Hope to see you there, too.


  • I was really frustrated like you before because the of same problem but am used to it now.

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  • Thanks for that link! I’ll check it out. My husband plays WoW and I load a number of pages at once… and we bog down our bandwidth and I swear our DSL should be able to handle it!

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  • my internet sucks big time. wait till i get a stable job.. rrrrrrr

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  • My brother ran into the same situation as you. Unlike cable, DSL shouldn’t degrade too much as more people sign on, but everything depends on how close you are to the switch. We are lucky that ours is right down the street. Also, the wiring in many old neighborhoods isn’t sufficient, and that can also make the signal worse. Unfortunately you are probably going to get stuck in the middle- the ISP will blame your computer, the mfg of the computer will blame the signal. Before calling again I’d suggest trying different computers, to prove its the line, or go to a neighbor’s house and try theirs. They could be running into the same situation. If so there is safety and usually better results from numbers. God bless and good luck.

  • I’m sorry to hear that. Mine also doesn’t deliver as expected. I’m thinking of asking for a rebate or something because it’s not fair that I pay the whole amount when my Internet provider fails to do their part.

  • I had a similar problem but with Bayantel wireless phone service. When it comes to inefficient customer service, bayantel is no. 1. anyway, hope yours is fixed now.

    By the way, would you like to join my project? Nothing serious. This is just for fun. Some may even call it a tag but I want to make it more personal. I will publish it on my blog with the whole pics and accompanying write-up. I plan to do this monthly with a different topic for each month. Here’s the link:

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  • I also noticed slower speeds the past two weeks now (or even the past month!) on Bayantel. Dati naman ok. Ever since the start of the rainy season, speeds are inconsistent. By the way, which area are you in?

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