BEWARE of Blog-for-Bucks!!!

I know several bloggers have been contacted by either Michelle Go, a certain Skylar Sinclaire or now, someone using the name Jean Carrey. They are offering link orders at $5 per link for a monetizing program named Blog-For-Bucks ( I was able to do link orders for them in another blog of mine. My sister was able to do one set of orders for them. Both payments were delayed but it was okay. The delay was just over two weeks.

Then my cousin did 3 links for them. After he submitted the links to Skylar, he was promised payment after three weeks. Fine with him because there are other programs paying a month after. The day of the supposed remittance, he did not receive any payment, not even an email explaining why they cannot remit payment on that day. After two days, he emailed Skylar asking for an explanation why the $15 (YES, FIFTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS!) was not yet remitted to him. No email. Nothing. After a few days, another email. And then he sent an email directly to blog-for-bucks via their submission form on their homepage. No response. NOTHING.

And then I thought of emailing Michelle Go because she was the one who contacted me before. I received a response two days after from Jean Carrey (notice the similarity of the name to a famous Hollywood comedian). She said that apparently, Skylar resigned already and they cannot access his email. Yeah, right! Skylar is using so you know right away that they can easily manipulate this email at their cpanel. Jean/Michelle is using a gmail account (

I am just angry on my cousin’s behalf because for $15 they are shortchanging him of what’s due him. And you know what, my cousin emailed them SEVERAL TIMES! I don’t know what kind of a company this Blog-For-Bucks is but I tell you, BEWARE OF THEM! Sa $15 nanloloko na sila ng blogger, what more kung mas malaki pang amount!