Entrecard Drop List

I drop cards everyday. I try to maximize the 300 drops limit of Entrecard and almost always, I reach it. But well, I am sure just like me, you also get disappointed when your drops are not reciprocated. So I am making my very own Drop List. I am hoping that the list I will create will have bloggers who really embrace “U Drop I Follow”.

Please leave your Blog Name and URL at the comments section of this entry and I will include you in my list. I assure you I will visit you daily 😉

This list will be for my three blogs: Sasha says, My Own Utopia and Splotches.

That would be 3 drops for you already.

If I reach the 100th blog, I will create a file that you can also use (if you want) to make dropping easier for you. You only need Firefox and your bookmarks folder and you are good to go.