Out of sorts

Please bear with my 2-day absence from Entrecard dropping. I have been taking care of my brother’s college school supplies and is quite busy with last minute shopping. Yesterday, we were out to visit my mom’s grave. Since it will take us a bit of time to visit her grave because of school and work, we opted to go visit her yesterday, being a holiday and all. Tomorrow, my brother and I will be going to buy him school shoes. Last Sunday when we went to the mall, he did not find anything to his fancy so we’ll be off to hunt for the pair of shoes tomorrow.

Normal EC dropping will resume by tomorrow night.

Have a great week everyone!


  • Hi Sasha,
    I just hope everyone forgives me also. I am traveling on the road and blogging and have missed drops for most of my regulars for 2 days also.

    So if I missed you as well I apologize!!

    Happy day:-))))

    Shinades last blog post..Shinade’s Six Quirks

  • same here, sis … been busy the past few days, too … ngayon lang ulit ako “nakabalik”. and things are still a bit hectic, pero pinipilit lang talaga magkaroon ng blog and EC time. lol.
    hope you’ll find the perfect shoes this time!

    happy wednesday!