Sulpicio Lines’ accountability

We were all devastated when we learned of the tragedy that happened to MV Dona Paz in 1987. According to Wikipedia…

The official death toll on the ferry is 1,565 although some reports claim that the ferry was overcrowded and that the true death toll at least 4,341.[1] The ships would put the death toll at 4,375 although admitting that only 1,568 were on the manifest (still more than the licensed maximum of 1,518). The 21 (or 24) survivors from the ferry had to swim, as there was no time to launch lifeboats.

Sulpicio Lines owned the ill-fated MV Dona Paz. Two more tragedies befell two more of their ships i the following years after that. And then the MV Princess of the Stars capsized during the typhoon Frank. Just like with the MV Dona Paz, more people died but only a few were listed in the passenger manifest.

I was just wondering, when will Sulpicio Lines lose their license after all these tragedies? Or more precisely, when will this company be made accountable for all these blatant breaking of the law? Yes, the company didn’t want all the tragedies that happened but isn’t this just a little bit like history repeating itself, specifically with what happened to MV Princess of the Stars?

I do hope something will be done to this company soon.