Link love

I don’t know if you have noticed but when you are linked through Blogrolling, you do not get any link love from it. No Technorati Authority or Google PR juice from it. I just noticed this because I have been checking some links I have in my blogroll and several did not register in my incoming links. I have yet to check if the link will register in Technorati if you use your Links in the Dashboard of your blog. Because I use that one in some of my blogs and I don’t know if I just overlooked it but I think there are no incoming links from it as well.

If you know anything about this, please leave a comment here 🙂


  • Hello there! Actually, I am into that also. I discovered, and it can show your links, right? If you check the links, you will find there those who are linked to you.I noticed that links are really being increased thru links being mentioned in a post or in the comment linkies.
    I really do not know, being a newbie. I do not have much link popularity yet as I only have 36 links in Google and none for the rest.

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  • IMO, you’ll get the link love and pr juice if your site is linked to that particular page.

    example: has PR7 and has PR3. So the link in sub page1 will be much more valuable than the front page.

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  • matagal ko na rin napansin yan, sis … kaso mas madali kasi maglagay sa blogrolling ng links eh, di ba? isang script lang ilalagay mo, tapos tadaa! ayun na sila lahat! 🙂

    happy friday!

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