2008 SONA and GMA’s last minute attempts to save face

It is really funny to watch how and hear about Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s last minute attempts to save face. The State of the Nation Address is coming up and she is doing her darn best to scrounge for something that she can tell the nation that she did for the country. Just imagine these…

  • She “appealed” to Petron to make a price roll back when just a few days ago, the fuel companies implemented a price hike.
  • This is what every Filipino has in mind: if she can arm wrestle the fuel companies into doing price rollbacks, why do it only now??? And what’s with the price hike, the fuel companies are lamenting their profit loss, when they can really forego the 1.50php in the first place? Shady, isn’t it?

  • The peso is gaining the upper hand versus the US dollar.
  • Just last week, the exchange rate averages 45php:1usd, what with everything that happened during the typhoon Frank. And then just this morning, I was surprised to see that the peso grew stronger. I doubt if that is really the reason why the exchange rate dipped like that. If you just read the news, you will know that the economy of the country is making a nosedive. So the stronger peso was brought about by something else.

  • The energy subsidy for Meralco clients.
  • Nakakatawa! As if the 500pesos subsidy will really solve the energy problem. The government is good at providing temporary solutions, press releases… But few have really materialized. Few have provided permanent solutions.

That’s just three of the last minute attempts of GMA to save face. Let’s see what “accomplishments” she will brag about in her 2008 State of the Nation Address.


  • Renmark

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  • hahahaha! right timing ang visiting forces ko! i will use your entry baka kelangan ko sa aking term paper pagdating nang sauna which i am wetting

    and like what i did with the past sauna, iisa-isahin ko ang mga ka-eklavuhan nang mga pag-chorva chorva nila hahaha pagalitan man ako nang professorang si miss alpay! hahaha

  • hahaha, ang cute ng comment ni reyna elena.

    oust GMA!!!

    anyas last blog post..Starbucks

  • Hay ewan, kahit dito sa US, ang mahal ng gas at tumataas na rin ang mga goods. Pagdating ko dito nung 2004, $1.20/gallon lang pero ngayon $3.87 na.

    I heard about people in Manila are having a rally to the gasoline station owners. I think, they should attach Gloria not them…
    not only in the Philippines is in crisis but entire world. I don’t know what to say…maybe just go with the flow and see what happen next.

    Great post Sash.

  • Naka, ngayon ba ang SONA? O bukas? Padaan pa naman ako ng Commonwealth. That is one of commuters’ dislikes, SONA, literally and symbolically.
    Good observation, ha! I totally agree with you.

    Annas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday- Surf On!

  • and look at the 2-page spreads in the newspapers for the past week–all boasting of her achievements the past years, using as parameters the sona highlights. i wonder what they will be this time.

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  • the entire world is in with the oil/gas price increases, say except for the countries na nag produce ng Oil/gas. oh well.

    may SONA pala? i don’t watch the news anymore. hehe. it depresses me. haha

  • thanks for being my regular droppers…U are now top 3 of my droppers…waiting for your comments …heeee

  • Hi,Sasha!
    You are right about GMA.We have the same views regarding her.
    Anyways, hope you get well soon too!
    Let us combat this cold!

    Adams last blog post..I am getting old

  • still support GMA!

  • Ria

    I’ve heard a group of young students’ bantered about the upcoming SONA of Macapagal-Arroyo (while I was vacationing there). They said, it was just a complete waste of electricity and energy as a whole so since gas prices were up, they might as well switch the TVs and radios off while she delivered her infamous SONA… Come to think of it, they had a point 😉

    Rias last blog post..The Party’s New Look

  • raven

    this is the most wonderful sona of ate glo for the past speech she had…her gown is nice and elegant and was made by a greatest designer…wew magkano kaya??? rupam dippig a… kung ung pnangbli mo nlng sna ng gown e binigay mo s mahi2rp d may nkain p cla. ska d kmi mabu2sog s lod mo…

  • raven

    buti k pa lod n pla ang ngsi2lbng pgkain u…

  • Azer Gezer

    Gud day,
    can i ask for a favor..
    Can u sendme all the promises and accomplishments
    of PGMA mentioned in her SONA 2008..
    thank you!

    just e-mail me @