Good PR = Good Blog Image?

While dropping (Entre)cards, I read a post by BonoTravel and the last line of the post reads as follows…

Will PageRank (PR) really improve your blog image?

Let me answer that. NO, a high PR does not necessarily mean that your blog has a good image. Remember there are really good SEO experts out there who can ‘manipulate’ search engine results, making them top searches even though their entries actually contain BS. I know a couple of people who do this kind of thing, just to get PR juice.

You can have a PR of zero but still have great content. It’s just that your blog contains a sprinkling of ads here and there that made the mighty G slap you. I have encountered great blogs because of Entrecard and they have a freakin’ ZERO for a PR. But go over their blogs and their entries are inspiring and interesting and just plain entertaining.

Let me know your thoughts on this πŸ™‚