I knew it!

The Bangsamoro deal/MOA is a prelude to the Charter Change! GMA is a sneaky, conniving b$%ch! Clearly, the Philippine government will go to great lengths to be able to push down our throats the Charter Change that will benefit GMA and her sneaky, conniving f$%%king allies!

I just hate how these people would lie and connive just to dupe the citizens. Instead of serving the people, they are serving themselves, benefiting from the blood and sweat of the masses. Poor people are getting poorer each day while the ones in league with the powers that be are getting richer and richer.

I can go on and on about the pock marks this government has done and is doing to the country. And about that Bangsamoro deal leading to the Cha-cha. But it will all boil down to this… we are f*cked!