This blog’s tagline

If you have noticed, I changed this blog’s tagline. Whereas before it says “Reviews, Personal Experiences, Blogging Issues”, it now says “current issues, reviews, work at home“.

The reason for the change is that I have been blogging not only about blog issues but also about current issues in the government, society, blogging in general and other big issues of the moment. I also blog about celebrity issues here although that would be lessened now. I will blog about celebrity issues in Splotches, which will soon have a re-launch. Obviously, I write reviews. So that would mean there are days when I will be posting a couple of entries. All reviews will be tagged accordingly. And that would be Brain Wave, Resources and Games and Fun. I previously join several memes but for a while now, I have limited this blog’s participation to Weekend Snapshot and Food Friday. Food Friday will eventually be moved to another blog but for now, those two memes are the only memes you will see here.

I will do occasional tags from other bloggers but as much as possible, I will post tags at My Own Utopia. And since I now work at home, you will also see some entries here relating to that.

So there you go. My brand new blog design comes with a brand new tagline 🙂

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