War in Mindanao

It’s find it ridiculous, to say the least, what is happening in Mindanao right now. So many casualties brought on by this all-out war declared by the MILF against the Arroyo government and everybody who comes in their way. Men, women, children. Old and young. No one is safe from the MILF’s wrath.

I pity those people in Mindanao caught in the middle. And I am really furious with the government for using the Bangsamoro deal just to jump start (again) their bid to change the constitution. Look at the cost of this Cha-Cha. So many lives destroyed. So many dreams are shattered.

Is it really worth it? Will the country get any better after the Charter Change?


  • we can only pray that the war does not escalate and cause further deaths. i pity the casualties, particularly the small children who get caught in the middle and lose their lives.

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  • The Constitution should not become a hostage of the MOA-AD, the MOA should follow the Constitution. We can’t put the cart before the horse.

    Charter Change should be the priority of the NEXT occupant of Malacanang only AFTER it is approved by the people through a REFERENDUM.

    Laslty, the Government must protect its citizen and territory at all cost.

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  • i read the news and saw pictures. it’s a bloody useless war.

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  • this is disappointing, right? they just do it for no reason but to take just do it for the sake of terrorism. *sigh*

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  • What happened in Mindanao was pure injustice, the innocent became the collateral damage in the issue about MOA-AD. And now the government confirmed that they need to review the agreement because of some loopholes then it’s clear that the provisions in MOA-AD is against the Constitution.

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  • this is disappointing, right? they just do it for no reason but just for the sake of terrorism (edited po)..lol

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  • I do not believe that the Government instigated the Bangsamoro deal just to pass the Cha-cha. That is a dumb, politically minded and ridiculous idea. We’ve doing it for a long time. Starting with the MNLF. Its just that our government is full of weak and idiotic officials not only the president. We are not suppose to be making an agreement with these rebels except if they lay down their arms unconditionally.

    Personally I want to have a change in our government and mostly our rotten constitution. It is not working efficiently as always. And if its not working it is more a liability to us than benefit, so we to change it. At least we have a change eventhough we are not sure yet what kind of change. The problem is us. I don’t know if we are afraid of it or being influenced by the politicians who are against with the changes. Because this will affect them greatly.

  • harakiri

    we’ve got plenty of genius alligators sitting in the senate, the lower house and even in our respective provinces and towns. You’re all such experts! but there’s this haunted question lurking behind my head…why have you not seen this event ahead? maybe… (if you follow me, please do the honor of concluding this line!)

  • it was just kind of drama for the concerned politicians. my heart really goes out to those who family who lost lives. buti nalang di talaga nakapasok or if they are here they are just waiting for another time to terrorize us. again! 🙁

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  • I heard from the news that the Govt has cancelled the MOA-AD and will renegotiate with the rebels. Well, I hope that the Supreme Court will still issue a ruling if this document is unconstitutional or not.

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