Different style of robbery

Have you noticed how most robberies in the country nowadays end up with murder or too much violence? There are several dental clinics being targeted by robbers for the past few weeks now. You can watch one incident almost every night in the news. It is scary because you can just feel the desperation of these robbers. Even if they get cash, they still inflict harm on the victims. Nakakatakot sobra!

Let us try to secure our work place and most especially our homes. Do not be complacent. Always be on your guard. Remember that robbery that took place in a call center? Before one can get in a call center office, one needs to have an ID. But the robbers still managed to enter the premises and robbed the agents.

Let us all pray that robbery will lessen, if not stop altogether. Scary 🙁


  • Scary indeed!
    I was a victim of “FX holdaps” before. Oh, you gave me the idea! I will write that on my other blog!
    Anyways, I really do not understand why some people has to take advantage of others. There are some decent jobs out there.They just do not have to be picky. I used to work in a construction supply.

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  • Would that it were a safe world …

    Thank you for stopping by at my house trashing party! 🙂

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