WAH Moments: TGIF!

Thank God, it’s Friday!

When I was still a corporate rat, I looked forward to Fridays. It was my salvation day. The day when I could feel myself buoyed up by the realization that the work week was ending in a few hours. Only month-end reports could take that feeling away. I was lucky enough to find Monday-to-Friday jobs, with a flexible time schedule. On Fridays, I normally go to work earlier than usual so that I could also go home early.

Working at home now, Friday is just an ordinary day for me. I still look forward to Fridays because it is the start of the weekend for me. Weekends would mean the whole family is in. And that is what I look forward to more than anything. I also look forward to some relaxation on Fridays. Not too much pressure to take opps hehe

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!