WAH Moments: Waking up is hard to do :(

When I still have my day job working for a call center company, waking up in the morning was the hardest part. Even if I go to sleep earlier than usual (usual for me back then was midnight), I still find it hard to wake up in the morning. Since I had a flexible schedule then, I would wake up around 6:30am, prepare for less than an hour and would begin traveling to Makati City before 8am to get to the office before 10am. I didn’t use the metro rail (MRT) so I had to give my traveling time more allowance for possible traffic jam.

Back then, I always find myself dreading the morning when I had to wake up to go to the office. I am basically a night person. I thrive at night. Working at home now, I can already wake up even if I only had 2 hours of sleep. Maybe because I know I can take a siesta in the afternoon hehe

So how about you? Are you also having a hard time waking up in the morning to go to the office like me before?

Happy Friday and have a good weekend everyone!