Slapped once more

Last year, I believe around this same time, this blog of mine was one of the casualties of the big G slap. That was the first time it happened across the blogosphere and I was not spared. I had several blogs with PRs ranging from 5-3 that were all slapped. I was so depressed that time, worrying about its effect on my monetizing activities. Thank God advertisers considered other type of rankings that time. Technorati, Alexa and Link Popularity. I was earning A LOT before the slap but then, in His goodness, I even earned more afterwards. It was as if the slap never happened. Of course, my PR4 blog that was earning buckets that time was hit the most. This blog which was a PR2 that time was slapped with a 0. But then, opps kept pouring in that time. I even had a single offer worth $200 for 200 words!

In other words, even with the best earner hit the most, other blogs picked up the slack. Maybe, it was also because there were just a few of us monetizing our blogs that time. Now, every where you look at, it seems everyone has joined the bandwagon.

Oh well, I am just hoping that this time around, even with the slap once again, opps would still keep pouring in. Christmas is just less than 80 days away. I am sure we all need a few more bucks in our wallets come Christmas time 🙂