WAH Moments: Eating out with the boss

One of the advantages of working at home is that you need not worry about spending so much money on a single meal. Like what I did before when I was still working for a big call center company here in the country.

Every lunch time, my ex-boss, let’s call her Bratty, would ask the whole finance team to eat lunch with her. That was good considering some bosses ignores their staff outside the office, whereas Bratty wanted to spend lunch time with us. The problem was, she always picked the expensive restaurants. Where a single meal costs almost 500pesos (roughly $11). If you are someone like me who is a breadwinner, shelling out that much money daily is a big chunk out of the paycheck. 500 pesos in 5 days is 2,500 pesos (roughly $55) already. In just 1 week! Multiply that by 4 weeks and just imagine the number of grocery items you could buy from that amount already.

I could say no to the invitation and eat somewhere cheaper. But then, she’d make you feel like you were not part of the team. As second in rank to her, that’s a big blow. Being in her good side was my number one priority back then. I had no choice but to endure her constant bullying.

Now, thanks to freelance work, I no longer worry about spending that much in a day. Eating at home is undoubtedly cheaper than eating out. Plus, I get to eat more at a lesser price… One of the perks of working at home 🙂


  • looks like bosses are the same everywhere. when my previous boss asks us for lunch, it’s also those expensive places also. what’s worst is, he didn’t even volunteer to treat us drinks there after having earn so much. Sigh..

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  • my previous boss was the generous and understanding type. he usually treats us for lunch (though not always) and he’s even the driver ha, and in expensive restaurants at that. i was really blessed to have good bosses when i was still working. a meal that costs 500php is too much for a regular daily lunch. i would make up excuses siguro if i were in your place, hehehe… but i guess it really depends on your relationship with the boss. in my case, we (his staff) are quite open with him about our personal life but we treat each other with respect. so i guess, it won’t be difficult for me to confront him if he was being inconsiderate, though thankfully he wasn’t. and yeah, the perks of working at home… my fave is not having to wear the required corporate attire and high heels. ugh.

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  • Yeah, I kind of run into the same problem. I try to have lunch with the more higher-up people at work, so I can get face time with them, and actually form connections. The problem is that they all make way more money than I do, and they have really interesting, adventurous taste — meaning expensive freaking food!

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