Lesson learned: Update your anti-virus program!

Today is a very disappointing day for me. I lost all 3GB of my files! It’s not much but it contains all my photos, blog files, drafts I have yet to publish, wordpress themes I’ve used and chosen for future use, notes, and so much more. I lost the heart of my blogging life. All because I don’t update my anti-virus program. I turned off updates and have forgotten thrice now to buy a new AV. My cousin had to do a full reformat of David, my laptop 🙁

It hurts to know that I can never recover those files anymore. Thank goodness I don’t delete all email attachments. At least I could find some there. But the important ones are forever lost to me…

So lesson learned for today? Update your anti-virus program! Scan your computer daily. Beware of what you download on the net.

I hope you don’t have to learn it the hard way like me.


  • It is really sad. Especially those drafts, huh! Hirap yata mag-isip.
    Anyways, I hope all is fine now.
    Take care!

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  • By the way, nice header, huh!

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  • Oh my goodness. I dabble in graphics as well and I can’t imagine loosing all of my files.

    I have fonts,tubes,family photos and all sorts things that have taken me years to collect.

    Bless your heart. I wish you the best and truly do feel so bad for you.

    Oh my I don’t know what else to say. I do so hope you can get back on track soon.

  • tks tks tks. scary! a virus attack can happen to anyone of us, even with the most updated virus scanner.

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  • naku, sis … hirap talaga pag ganyan! my antivirus automatically updates itself … which reminds me, malapit na matapos ang subscription ko. lol.

    take care, sis!
    ps. sarap matulog lang today, sis … umuulan eh! 😀

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  • Ouch~! That is so hurt! Sigh. Update anti virus and have a backup is very important.

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  • Hello, sis! Thanks for the visits.
    I am glad okay na si David.

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  • Hi.

    Oh my, I would go crazy if that happens to me. It happened to me before a month I bought my lappy, didn’t turn on the AV. I had to reinstall Windows good thing hubby is a computer geek and I didn’t have that much file stored in my pc. Since then my AV is always on and I run a scan once a week. From time to time I make copies of my files in a cd too.

    Take care 🙂

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  • scary indeed. also, next time, try to make partitions in your hard drives and separate the OS from the Data Files. you will be saved big time, unless the virus is that so strong and will infect the whole physical drive.

  • Even though I keep my anti-virus program up-to-date, I also make sure to store all my important documents etc on a removable hard disk. Even those small usb disks can hold up to 2GB and I have a larger one that holds 80GB.

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  • Aww, sorry Sash. Para sakin, it’s the end of the world na talaga. Tahnk you for this post, kilangan ko na palang i save sa disc ang mga home pics sa mga anak ko. Yun ang pinaka importante sa lahat.

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  • omg, that’s so sad…really a lesson learned. my sons have been asking me to buy this thing to store photos, i guess i’m going to consider now, not really because of a virus attack, but to save on space on my laptop. i just hope that until now–macs really are safe from viruses.

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  • Oh no, Sasha. I could possibly walked you through a safe recovery of at least some of your files. Let me give you a word of advice.. antivirus or not. Get yourself a nice sized flash drive. Keep all of your important stuff on there. It plugs right into the USB port and you can unplug it at any time. I have several and I couldn’t function without them.

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  • sorry to hear about David’s crash Raquel. i think i need to renew my anti-virus subscription now before it’s too late. thanks for sharing.

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  • Sorry to hear about that 🙁 It’s a horrible thing I can imagine

  • I should follow your advice! Losing all those you mentioned must be irritating too 🙁

    She, wala na ba yung .info mo?

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