Where do our taxes go anyway???

There is a reason why so many Filipinos, and that includes me, hate paying taxes… we see no benefits from it!

In the news a few minutes ago, a man got hit by a speeding Honda Civic. He was hit hard in the head and needed to be rushed to the hospital right away. Do you know that a couple of hospitals in Parañaque have no ambulance? Grabe talaga! Where can you find hospitals without an ambulance on standby? If it weren’t for the news crew of ABS-CBN, I doubt if help will be given to that hit and run victim. When finally an ambulance arrived, it has no medical crew in it! Thank goodness some well meaning barangay officials helped.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the victim was made to wait once more because the doctors were hesitant in admitting him. My guess would be because of financial concerns. Could the victim pay them? But because there’s the news crew of ABS-CBN, the hospital was forced to admit the victim.

Take a moment and imagine yourself in the victim’s shoes. You are paying taxes to this godforsaken government and you couldn’t even be given first aid???


  • it’s a sad reality, one that’s very hard to solve with all the corruption going on. there should be benefits for people like for health, education, housing, food, but sadly, there are none.

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  • That is really sad. I guess tax money goes to the politicians. My father told me today that he read in a local newspaper back home stating that the Philippines have 15 percent of its population living in extreme poverty.

  • well, I guess it is good to know that we American are in good company. We may zillions in taxes and can’t seem to reap the rewards either.

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  • very sad nga. dito we pay a very high tax. pero at least marami naman din kaming makukuha sa government like free hospitalization, child allowances, if you don’t have a job me allowance pa at saka 1 year maternity leave, yung sick leave pala namin me bayad pa at saka 7 weeks holiday. o di ba bongga 🙂

  • Hi Sasha, dito nalang ako co-comment about the financial condition. Mahirap i-debate yan dahil ang hospital ay malulugi din kung di sila maniguro ng pambayad. Hospital have their own expenses such as medicines, employees salaries, doctors, maintenance and et cetera. I think the government should implement a good health insurance policy. Dito pala sa US Sash, lalabas ka ng hospital na walang babayaran dahil dun na sila maniningil sa health insurance.