WAH Moments: Christmas parties

My sisters are all going crazy about Christmas parties they need to attend. When you are working at home, of course, there are no office Christmas parties for you to attend to. I miss the chaos in the office while people are preparing for the Christmas party.

One of the companies I’ve been with is big on holiday parties. There are parties for each department, each location, and then the big one where every one converge. Since the Accounting and Finance department is the biggest department in the company, it is a big deal among the Finance executives. They would allot a portion of the savings in supplies and even donate a portion of their salaries for the event. That one party was actually one of the most memorable Christmas parties I participated in my entire career.

I miss participating in the preparation. The food, the games, the singing… 🙂


  • We have one for our team, our department and for the whole company. To add, party with friends and relatives. Magastos!
    Once a year lang naman. Este…4 or 5x?
    Yeah, enjoy naman…the thing I do not like most is the preparation though…clothes to wear, what gift to give.Sometimes stressful. And of course, the added calories because of the food!

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  • Ah hell, throw yourself a party! We went to my husbands this past weekend and everyone was just sloppy drunk, not my scene…


  • Being in Australia, our Christmas parties tend to revolve around beer, bbq, and the beach (as my last entry posted talks a bit about). It’s interesting how the change in weather can change how you celebrate a holiday. Either way, gotta love Christmas parties, especially work ones. It’s a wonderful time of year to stock up on material you can blackmail your coworkers with.

  • me, too. i miss the office parties. buti nalang, most of my friends are stay-home moms and we organize parties at least once a year. just to catch up lang. =)

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