Alexa Rank

There was a sudden dip in Alexa ranking across the blogosphere the other day when they did their usual update. I wondered how come some of my blogs went back to the millionth rank and one got back a No Data.

I contacted Alexa support to ask what happened. And I got this response from them:

Thank you for contacting Alexa Internet about the inconsistent/inaccurate traffic data on our website. A recent change to our servers resulted in our erroneously displaying traffic data that was out of date. (It was from November.) We have implemented a change to those servers and anticipate current, accurate ranking information to be displayed on shortly. We appreciate your having brought the bug to our attention and regret any inconvenience.

For future use, you may wish to download the Alexa Toolbar as a bug on our website like this does not affect the Alexa Toolbar. The correct Traffic Rank is displayed in either the Alexa Toolbar for IE or Alexa Sparky for Firefox. You can download these free tools here:

We appreciate and thank you for your support.

So my border was right. It was a system glitch. Anyway, as they have said in their email, expect the rankings to be back to normal within the day. I just like how they reply fast to emails sent to them. This is the third time I used their contact form and in all three cases, they responded within a few hours.