DSL Connection Error 678

My Bayantel DSL connection was down the whole day. I tried connecting using dial up but the connection was so slow I was not able to finish anything except two pending tasks I have. I called up Bayantel to ask what went wrong and a tech support told me that their servers were down this morning. I was asked to wait for at least 4 hours before I try connecting again. But after around 2 hours, another tech support called me up telling me that everything was okay already and to try connecting again. I did and nothing happened. I get an Error 678 everytime I try to connect to Bayantel. I was told that they couldn’t see anything wrong on their end and that they will just dispatch a technician to check my modem.

A few minutes ago, I tried connecting again, hoping the connection is restored. Nothing happened. Error 678. In my frustration, I re-connected and while the modem is attempting reconnection, I slapped my table and guess what? It solved the problem! I got connected again! Hahaha

So that’s the solution to the Error 678 I get everytime I try to reconnect. A slap on the table top! lol

Happy Friday everyone! 😉