Shared web hosting

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I am offering a shared web hosting for those who are still using or hosting their own domains at Blogger. I am offering to host your domain for a minimal fee. Interested?

When you get a web hosting plan these days, you have to pay for a quarter at least. 1 year at most. Then you have to transfer your existing blogs yourselves and maintain your cpanel. Instead of doing all these by yourself, I can do it for you. It will be part of the fee you will be paying. I will be doing weekly backups and will help you resolve your blog issues should there be one.

Why get a web host of your own? Some programs are rejecting blogs hosted in Blogger already. Plus, you might not have read it yet but Google maintains the right to delete your blog hosted at Blogger at their own discretion. Besides that, WordPress is a more powerful tool to use. Plugins can make your life easier. Believe me.

I will only be getting 10 blogs for the meantime. So if you are interested, please leave a comment here with your valid email address and I will get back to you right away.

And before I forget, NO adult or drug or gambling-related blogs please. I will review your blog first before I approve your application 🙂 It would be unfair to the other 9 blogs if yours will cause trouble in the long run, right? 😉

So leave your comment with your blog URL, a valid email address where I can contact you and any questions you might have. Thanks!

NOTE: This is for those bloggers who have less than 3 blogs. For those others with multiple blogs, I still say get your own web host to maximize its use. You can do so by clicking the banner below…