Erratic DSL connection

My DSL connection is highly erratic once again. I don’t know if I should call Bayantel up again. I believe most of their customer service support there know me already. I have been calling them up from time to time since December because of the erratic connection. For the past week and a half, I didn’t encounter any problems. That’s after I called them up and ranted about their poor service once again. I am a good client, I pay on time and have been with them for a number of years now (the DSL connection though is almost 2 years only). I believe I deserve a better service than the one they are giving me. So the service went well after that call.

But here we go again. I lose connection every few minutes/hours. I will get continuous connection for a few hours and then it will get erratic again. I am tired of calling them up repeatedly just to get a better service. Do I really have to do this all the time?

You know, here in Manila, we only have a few internet service providers. The big ones are PLDT, Bayantel, Smart and Globe. There are cable providers like Destiny. Bayantel is one of the cheaper ones. I pay only 1,200 pesos per month for DSL and landline services. It will make you think that just because it is cheap we get poor service? I hear negative feedback about Smartbro and PLDT MyDSL. I guess there are negative feedbacks on all these providers.

I don’t know if I should just stick with Bayantel or try a new provider. I will ask around about Destiny. I use Destiny for our cable services.


  • i was chatting with bibiduck and he has the same problem with you. yeap. bayantel.

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  • Mine is not Bayantel, but I’m also experiencing Internet problems. I’m paying Php1,295 a month for Globe services, which includes a land line, too, but I’m not really satisfied with what I’m getting. In fact, last November, we have no Internet connection at home for almost two weeks.

  • “Erratic DSL connection”
    Isn’t that redundant? Are you in the U.S., because I’ve never heard of those ISPs. If you are in the U.S. and live in a home, you should try a satellite internet provider like HughesNet. It’s worth a shot.

    I recently had a problem with my ISP. They kept rescheduling my appointment without even telling me. I asked for a refund of the connection fee and the smart ass that I spoke to told me that they couldn’t refund me something that they hadn’t charged me for. I was pissed, and not because of the refund issue, but because they didn’t seem to care.

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  • so far ok naman yung pldt namin, sis. try namin ngayon yung skybroadband (from skycable) and mas mabilis nga sya compared sa pldt, with the same price. we’re thinking of shifting … but nothing’s definite yet. try muna namin ung free 15-day trial nila. 🙂

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  • I agree with Maximista and her suggestion of Hughes Net . I was having a terrible time with my DSL connection until I looked into HughesNet . Now I’m a happy satellite internet customer with a great internet connection.