Bayantel DSL: Good riddance!

So I am saying goodbye to the pest in my life that is Bayantel DSL. My dad will be going to their office by next week to have our account terminated. Our account cut off will be on the 21st and I will make sure that the termination will coincide with it. They might bill me differently if I do it otherwise. Mahirap na!

Let me just give you an update on what happened after my rant

A Vincent Dimaculangan from Bayantel emailed me about my rant last Feb 4, 2009 at 2:29 PM. Below is his email in full:

Dear Sasha,

My name, Vincent Dimaculangan, I’m one of the Shift Managers of Bayan Telecommunications Customer Care Division. I read your blog regarding the connectivity issues that you’ve been experiencing with our DSL service. On behalf of Bayan Telecommunications, I wish to apologize for this and assure you that we’ll take action in resolving these connectivity issues. We hope to make your experience better with Bayan. I was wondering if you could provide me an account number and a phone number where I can directly coordinate these issues with you.


Vincent Dimaculangan
Unit Head – Customer Support for Data and IP Services Dept.
Customer Care Division
Bayan Telecommunications
Roosevelt Operations Center
234 Roosevelt Avenue San Francisco Del Monte Quezon City

And this is my reply to his email…

Hi Vincent,

You can check my account using our landline number ***. It is under ***. As you have read in my blog post, I am really tired of complaining again and again, calling your customer service hotline almost every other day just to ask if there is a problem with my DSL connection. I always get the same response from your CS people and would be asked to monitor my connection. There were times that after several minutes of calling your hotline, I would get my connection back. But it has been several times now that I get intermittent connection almost every day. I noticed that connection will be interrupted around past 9am. I wonder why.

I do not get the reason being given to me about the isolation issue because I can’t get it wrapped around my head that it will take your technical people weeks to fix it. If the server is busted, why not get a new one to service the clients better, right? Or if there is a problem in our area, how come no technical people from Bayantel is coming over to check???

I got a DSL connection because I am entirely dependent on it for my work. I work online. If I don’t have an internet connection, it’s like being on leave from work. No work, no pay for me. So you can just imagine the havoc this intermittent connection is doing to my income. Just today, I kept checking myself not to call your hotline again. Imagine downloading a 5.8MB file for over 3 hours! Is that a DSL connection or a dial-up?? That’s what I get from Bayantel. That’s why I am this angry with your service! Loading a page takes half an hour. Not to mention the numerous interruptions and the 12-hour downtime last night that I didn’t get a decent answer from your CS rep that I called up.

Let me just reiterate my suggestion to a certain Lee who introduced himself as an officer-in-charge there. I told him that you should consider putting good paying clients in a good server so as to avoid complaints like mine. Just to let you know, I am a good paying client for the duration of my subscription. You can check your record. And if this is the kind of service a good paying client gets from your company, I don’t know if you will have many left if this problem goes on.

Also, I kept on telling your CS people to send over a tech person to check on what really is the problem with my DSL here. It might have something to do with my modem because twice or thrice I got a “I can’t detect your modem at our end” from your CS reps. I have an open report up to now asking if I can talk to an engineer perhaps so as to understand better the nature of the problem. I didn’t/don’t want to become an irate client when I call but the money I pay for my DSL connection is hard-earned money. I expect good service in return. I believe that is only reasonable.

I am seriously considering transferring to another provider. I didn’t want to terminate my account with you because I hate changing my routine and all that. But more than two times in a month of lousy DSL connection is just too much really. I don’t believe I will get a refund for those hours that I don’t have a connection, right? Fair is fair.

I hope you are better than your CS reps and that OIC I talked to combined. Maybe this time I will get a decent answer from you.


And then I emailed him again on Feb 5, 2009 at 2:20 AM to give him an evidence on how slow my internet connection was…


I waited for a reply or a call but nothing came. It’s 2 days since his email and I haven’t heard even a whisper from him. He does not even have the courtesy to call. You know what’s worse? The 12-hour DSL interruption was through. Connection back up. But the speed??? You’ve seen the screenshot of the speed test I did using It was horrible! A page loading that usually takes me a minute took 15 minutes at best! I called up their customer service hotline again (against my better judgment I must say) because I couldn’t stand the slowness of the connection. You know what happened?

I lost my connection entirely! There’s another “fluctuation” according to the CS I talked to named Darwin. Imagine that! The high-blood pressure inducing issues never end!!!

Thus, the parting of ways. I will say bye-bye before the 21st and for now will reserve judgment with the new connection I have.

Again, if you are thinking of a DSL connection, consider companies OTHER THAN Bayantel!


  • Ugh..Good Luck with that. When I first had my service turned on over a year ago, there was a time when I had the worst of connections. It took 72 hours on the phone, 7 different technicians, and finally a hole drilled into my home straight to the telephone pole for a decent connection. This went on over 3 weeks!! I feel your frustration

    nipsy’s last blog post..If only

  • Hi Sasha, about your previous entry about Bayantel, believe ako sau because you have mentioned their company name. I think you did the right kase, totoo naman eh. You see, nabasa pala nila ang entry na yun. I’m sure it’s a bad image of bayantel. [big grin] 😀

  • I wonder what ISP would you like to subscribe next. I don’t want to recommend one but in my experience, SmartBRO didn’t fail us. That’s the Internet connection we are using here at work…

    dodong flores’s last blog post..Walking Defeated my Commuting

  • he read your blog? nagsearch siguro sya ng bayantel complaints tapos lumabas sayo…hehe. dapat lang malaman nila noh. perwisyo talaga ang walang internet =)

    cherry’s last blog word

  • I also hear a lot of complaints about Bayantel. I’m currently subscribed with Globe and so far, the only downtime I got was when my modem had a problem. They also send technical people right away so I’m quite satisfied with their service.

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