Dolphin phenomenon

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Have you seen in the news last night those more than 300 melon-headed dolphins which swam in to shallow waters off Pilar town in Bataan yesterday? Phenomenal! Who would’ve thought something like this will happen? However the rescuers drove them away, the dolphins kept coming back until finally they were driven to the deeper part of the waters.

I have heard different reactions to this phenomenon. But the one that got my attention was from my sister who is superstitious… this may be a sign that a big catastrophe will happen. Like an earthquake or a tsunami. Could be. Remember the tsunami that killed a lot of people in Asia a few years back?

And consider this comment from Dr. Mundita Lim, director of the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

β€œHere in our country, there were times when dolphins beach or get stranded, but only one or two dolphins – not like this, more than a hundred. So, this is unusual and we really have to know what caused them to go near the shore.”

Let’s pray that nothing bad will happen or that there is a reason why the dolphins got stranded in Bataan.