Fire Prevention: Improvement in local fire departments

Every time I watch the local news, there is always a fire somewhere in this part of the country. Mostly in the metropolis. If you don’t know Metro Manila, let me tell you this. Some parts of the city looks like this…


You can just imagine how hard it is for firefighters to get in these alleys. So when a fire breaks out, it will be hard for the firefighters to stop it. Like this fire in a Paco slum area…


But you know, the city will never change. I don’t see alleys and tight spaces in slum areas and even in some small streets changing anytime soon. Maybe never. Maybe it will get worse in the future.

So I cannot understand why our local fire department is still unprepared in fire situations like this. Every month, a fire breaks out. Maybe every week. These past few months, almost every day. But you can still see the old tricks being done to stop the fire. Locals pitching in to help them stop it. Pails of water being passed on from one person to another. Locals going to the roofs of houses to splash water on those burning ones. I bet the hose they use are old, ultra-worn hoses that should already retire from being used.

I believe there is a way for the local firefighters to be prepared in situations where they have to enter a narrow street or alley. There should be a way for them to do this! Imagine, there are instances when the firefighters have to stop because there is no more water in their truck or the fire hydrant nearest is already busted.

Maybe we need more advanced firetrucks? Or more sophisticated fire equipments? Those chemicals that they use to stop fires abroad, those used in fire extinguishers nowadays, the foamy chemical? Maybe the local fire departments can use that in dire situations, too. I mean, anything! Not the same old tricks that are being done way back in the 80s!

There are very hardworking firefighters locally. I just meant to point out in this post that the local fire departments should do something to improve their equipments or do a local campaign to widen the streets in fire-prone areas/slums or to repair busted fire hydrants everywhere. I do believe lives could be saved if there is an improvement in the local fire departments nationwide.

Summer is here. And that would mean a round of blackouts and fire breaking out from time to time. We need to be assured that the firefighters responding to an emergency are truly well-equipped to stop the fire.


  • What a nice post! Let’s help our local fire fighters, let’s call on our national government to upgrade their fire trucks, their fire uniforms. They are even poor than the rats, they can even buy a battery for their firetrucks.

    Calling all concerns in our government, please serce the people!!!

  • @Feron… You are right! Let’s do our part in helping our local firefighters. Grabe na sunog ngayon, kaliwa’t kanan na. Overworked sila lahat ngayon for sure and with their old equipment, I’m sure mas doble ang effort nila to stop fires.

  • clariz

    …i was assigned to write about fire prevention then i read your blog when i researched..what i will say is you’re totally right..if the locals would only do something about this,fire prevention might be not as alarming as today..

    …hope the government will hear this..