Comment on Rotten DSL-ISP Companies in Manila

I got this comment a few minutes ago…

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Bloggers, you all think you own this world eh, what are you American? hahahaha, What do you expect from 1,200 monthly bill. You want a better and faster Internet then get a business line or get a cable internet from Skycable,oh i forgot bayantel own skycable. If you dont like there service then dont pay them, thats it. Peace V_^_^_v

This was left in my post about Rotten DSL-ISP Companies here in Manila.

Before anything else, let me tell you this Mike… YOU are one of the reasons why we are getting rotten DSL connections in Manila! You don’t tolerate so-so service. ALWAYS!

Okay, let me reply to your comment Mike or whoever you are…

First off, I wonder why you haven’t left a legitimate email address so I can respond to you directly. Is it because you are also Vincent Dimaculangan of Bayantel DSL??? Your IP address is definitely from Bayantel! Hmm… Or are you someone he sent to comment here?

Anyway, to address what you said…

“Bloggers, you all think you own this world eh” – No we don’t! We temporarily own a piece of the virtual world through the domains we buy and hosting we pay for and we make use of it.

“what are you American?” – If I am an American and not a Filipino I can own the world???

“hahahaha, What do you expect from 1,200 monthly bill.” – A freaking better service than what Bayantel DSL gave me! Did you read the entries I wrote from start to finish? Did you read the rotten customer support they provided??? Did you??? Or you just commented without reading???

And let me ask you this… When you get a service, pay for it using money you earned from your blood and sweat, do you tell yourself that hey, I am only paying 1,200 pesos, I better expect a rotten service from them! Do you??? If you do, then you better have your head checked! Even if you pay freaking 10-pesos per month only, you always, ALWAYS!, expect a better service! You don’t tolerate bad service because it will give the company bad ideas about customer service! Read that??? And you may have 1,200 pesos lying around month after month that you can throw away in BAD DSL CONNECTIONS, but I don’t! So don’t expect me to just take everything in stride when I am not getting my money’s worth!

The rest of what you said is addressed in my previous post. So better read it. From top to freaking bottom!

You are making my ears steam!!!


  • haha, buti nga sa kanila. they even resort to sending a bayantel disciple to your blog just to leave a harsh comment. lukring ba sila!!!ako nga, i haven’t even started my complaint about that hotel in subic. wala pa time at puro opp. thank God! =)

  • OMG!!! this is getting more serious, more personal and definitely more interesting, saying the word “BLOGGERS” is totally uncalled for, well, I have a few words for you, MR. MIKE-COWARD-BAYANTEL-ASSKISSER-SHITEATER-WHOEVER-THE-HELL-ARE-YOU, the consumer are not expecting anything more than what they pay for, marunong ka bang magbasa? binabasa nyo ba yung mga trashy pamplets na pinamimigay nyo sa mga customer and lahat ng mga promise nyo doon sa halagang 1,200?I can’t believed you feed your family with the money you earned from a lying company like Bayantel,what a shame!!!!

  • itay

    sino naman yan, kung mag isip eh gamit ang kanyang balls!

  • relax lang sis! ang puso mo 🙂

  • o ang puso, dahan-dahan lang, hehe. pero totoo ka talagang pag ganyan nga at may gana pang magcomment ng ganyan talagang pati ilong mo uusok sa galit.

  • Opps, mahirap mag comment but you did the right thing. Kilangan i-voice out mo kung ano ang reklamo mo She. Kadalasan kase sa ating mga pinoy ay nagtahimik himikan lang kaya itong mga rotten companies like internet providers are not improving their services. I’m on your side.

  • Ely

    I guess i’m gonna get as frustrated as you are. I have Smart bro which is so damn slow. I asked Sun broadband to check the signal in my place, and we got ZERO. Good thing they offer a free demo. I am left with no choice but to get BayanDSL. Until I saw your post. 🙁

  • Mike, mag-Tagalog ka na lang. Nawindang ako sa Ingles mo. For about P1,200/month, my brother-in-law gets T1 speed from his ISP in the States. That being said, we consumers should be protected from inept service. P1,200 is no joke especially with the crisis we have now. I used to pay almost P2,000/month to Destiny Cable. Their service was very good until the earthquake that destroyed much of the underwater cables being used by several countries in Southeast Asia. They lowered their subscription but with slower speed. It will take several years and billions of dollars to bring back the speed they used to have. Destiny is now being serviced by Globe Telecoms who I think is sabotaging the operations of the once efficient Destiny.

    Destiny even used to hand out rebates for days when their service was down. Those where the days.

  • mahal na nga yang 1,200/month ang dsl ko convert to pesos 1,171/month with 6.016 kBit/s at inklusive pa free domestic call.

  • @Cherry… Nakakatawa nga kasi di yata nila alam na nakikita ko ang IP! Hahaha… Ewan ko ba dyan sa Bayantel. Igihan na lang nila serbisyo nila nang di ko na sila isulat.

  • @Fickleminded… Hahaha go girl! Nakakainis ano? Akala ata murang halaga lang ang 1,200 pesos! Mahirap kayang kitain yan! Di nila alam na simpleng magandang serbisyo lang naman hinihingi nating kapalit sa ibinabayad natin. Nothing more.

  • @Itay… Isang walang patumanggang commenter na wala namang alam sa mundo! Hahaha! No balls nga!

  • @Shiela… Nakaka-hiblood kasi, sis! Hahaha

  • @Tita Liza… Hahaha! Oo ewan ko ba hiblood talaga ako sa kanila! Hahaha

  • @Raquel… Ay naku, manay, kailangan talaga i-air out ko itong sama ng loob ko dyan sa kumpanyang yan! Mahirap maging tahimik sa ganitong sitwasyon kasi pinagpapaguran natin ang pera.

  • @Ely… Ay naku, I am sure, you will get as frustrated as I am. Imagine calling their CS hotline almost every day! Smartbro is really slow. I know only a few people who are satisfied with their Smartbro connection. Bayantel? Please, spare yourself some headaches! You might want to try out their Sky Broadband, I think they are putting all their efforts in that new company 🙂

  • @Tatay… Salamat po sa comment hehe. Yang si Mike ewan kung anong nakain! Mas kampi pa sa corporation na nanloloko ng clients nila! Hay.

  • @Mousey… Yun na nga! Sa iba nga mahal na at ang swerte niyo kasi dyan sa Ger at maraming ISPs. At least pagandahan ng service.