Back to the original one

It pays to save files! I checked my email this morning for a copy of the original customized theme I asked from SimplyWP. Found this one. Including the original header.

You might be wondering why I had to get the original theme… You see, last night, I almost got a really good opportunity from a program I am a member of. Unfortunately, when the administrator checked this blog, he got a virus alert. Naturally, he disapproved this blog’s bid! Too bad, really.

As I’ve said before, I asked help to determine where this virus is coming from. I was told that it’s already okay. I changed databases just to be sure. I cleaned out everything. And then, to be told that this blog still has that darn virus… Aargh!

After analyzing everything, I deduced that the virus might be in the themes folder. Because when I changed databases, the only thing I uploaded was the customized theme folder. And remember that remv.php WordPress exploit? Might have something to do with it. Anyway, what I did today was, I deleted the old one and then uploaded the original folder. Tweaked things a bit, put a different background, put back the old favicon and voila!

I hope that this will work now. If not, I don’t know what else to do 🙁