Boyet Fajardo: What now?

I have read somewhere that we are a nation that easily forgives and forgets. My take on this is slightly different. We forget because there are just too many issues to deal with in this country. On top of the current issue on this Boyet Fajardo – Duty Free Philippines incident, we also have the Legacy Consolidated Plans fund scam wherein a number of plan holders are unable to claim their insurance funds because the company officials allegedly misused the said funds. Remember the very same funds scam that happened to College Assurance Plan Philippines, Inc. (CAP) plan holders? Or the Pacific Plans fund scam that started this all?

There are people who continue the fight. But without media coverage, the people who should be investigating these insurance funds scams are not acting as fast as they should. Senator Mar Roxas is helping out the plan holders victimized by this Legacy funds scam. But I doubt if he would be as eager to help as he is now if not for the 2010 elections where he’s very vocal in his desire to run as a presidential hopeful. How about the other insurance plan holders of CAP and Pacific Plans. I heard that Pacific Plans was already sold to the group who owns Asian Spirit. Where did the money go? See, without media coverage, the Yuchengco Group was able to pull a stunt like this.

As bloggers, we can help spread the word. We can help create awareness. There might be no tv coverage but the internet is as powerful as television these days. Or haven’t you noticed how the tv giants became aware of this Boyet Fajardo incident? Through the noise created by bloggers!

In a few more days, this Boyet Fajardo scandal will be forgotten. The same thing that happened to the Pacific Plans and CAP scams. Marvin Fernandez, the poor cashier who is the real victim of this incident, hasn’t gotten the apology he deserves yet. Again, without media coverage of this scandal, I don’t think he’ll get it. Calling him Marvin Hernandez (in the ABS-CBN interview) and Marvin Gonzales (in the GMA-7 interview) don’t constitute as proper apology. Boyet Fajardo should go to the guy and even in private, apologize personally. That’s an apology!

My point in this post is that let us not forget. If we can write about it when there’s a development, or even from time to time to stir the status quo, let’s do it. Create awareness. Let us not forget easily. Otherwise, another Boyet Fajardo will emerge. Or another insurance company might pull a Legacy-like stunt because they think the people will be up in arms the first few weeks but will eventually forget.


  • pinay in virginia

    thanks for updating us once again hahahahah.. galing mo magblog maa’m shasha.
    anyway, just wanna say thanks about info sa CAP insurance kc balak ko pa nman magsend ng 1,000USD to register my adopted nephew dyan sa cap na yan kasi pasukan na sa june and he just turned 5 years old oh my my my.
    i remember noong andyan pa ako sa aten, try ko sana withdraw lumpsum ung pag-ibig contribution ko pero hinihingian ako ng mga katakot takot na papeles to proof na immigrant ako dito sa US. so binigay ko lahat ng papeles kasi yon nga lang ang kelangan nila aba’t nong follow up ko kelangan personal na akong pupunta. mas mahal pa plane ticket ko 2 way kesa sa malalumpsum ko so forget about it na lang. grabe talaga ang corruption saten ano. by the way member ako ng pag-ibig fund since 1993 same dun sa SS membership ko noong nagtry sana ako magloan napagod ako sa kakapila dun sa ss office hay naku nawaglit daw nila mga papers na nasubmit ng accountant namin whewwww.. i don’t think so, kamo ala ng pera ang SS office dyan.

    again, shasha, thanks for your informative blogs.

  • that’s true. or better, whatever happened to all the marcos loot? where is it? whatever happened to PCGG, the Good Government? I gues it went soooo bad. i have no explanation why we seem to have already ingrained this in our culture. i blame the corrupt people in the govt’. they don’t want fast action. coz their ass is on the line. and we pinoys, would just rather forget all this shit. yet it still haunts us all. continuously.

  • @Pinay in Virginia… Naku good thing I thought of writing this entry. Hold your money. Mahirap kumuha ng insurance ngayon dito sa Pinas dahil maraming palpak talaga! CAP, Pacific Plans, yang insurance companies under ng Legacy Group and others pa. You gave me an idea to write more about scams para naman aware rin ang iba nating mga kababayan sa ibang bansa.

    Glad to be of help 🙂

  • @Reyna Elena… Yun na nga, ateng! Wala naman tayong naririnig na na-resolve na kahit anong issue di ba? Kainis talaga!

  • alam mo yung kay Boyet Fajardo, sana maging aral din yung ginawa nya sa Salesman, I’m not saying na tma yung inasal nya,pero sana matuto din yung ibang mga Salesperson sa atin to treat each customer equally, kasi alam mo nman sa atin eh, kapag medyo mukha kang “mahirap” parang iniismall ka nila,pero pag mga foreigner ang customer or yung mga mestisahin na halatang mayaman,halos magkandarap sila sa pag assist, tapos sa iba pang Mall, even the identification process,kapag pinoy daming id kailangan as in parang gusto ka nila pahiyain na hindi mo kayang magkaron ng credit card or wala kang “k” mamili sa shop nla,pero pag mga elitista,pa smile smile pa sila.sana both sides may matutunan sa incident na yun.

  • lovethisguiy218

    Thanks for making this post as early as now as we share the same sentiments with regards to “issues” that are long forgotten…..
    Eversince kasi iyon ang parang nagiging “pattern” na mainit lang ang “issue” for a couple of weeks after that, wala na, limot na ng buong sambayanang Filipino. And that’s sad….kaya maraming malalakas ang loob gumawa ng kabulastugan kasi nga, no one has ever been convicted, I mean really has been convicted sa mga nagawa nila….!! Alam nila ang kalakarang bulok….!!
    And we, as bloggers, we can have our own way of changing the habit a little bit……what can you say, dear ka-blogs?

  • Arlene

    Maybe he did that to become popular. People with a good social status can’t stoop down to that kind of level. Now that he is all over the net, he is now infamous. What explanation do we need to hear from his side? The video shows the evidence that the clerk knelt in front of him – very humiliating. That’s right, his products whatever those are should be boycotted.